John Clay: Some suggested subjects for summer listing

Herald-Leader Sports ColumnistJuly 9, 2014 


John Clay would like to see a list of UK fans who know they should give Director of Athletics Mitch Barnhart, center, credit for what he's done with the school's athletic program but can't bring themselves to do so.


For college sports, summer time is down time. The news cycle churns, however. Readers want what the readers want. The media is expected to provide. So summer time becomes list time.

There are the college football trophy watch lists. There are the pre-season top 25 college football lists. There are lists of the best college football stadiums. There are lists of college basketball's top recruiting prospects.

ESPN recently completed its list of the top 50 college basketball coaches, a subjective daily 50-to-1 countdown with Kentucky's John Calipari clocking in at No. 2 behind Florida's Billy Donovan.

It's all for fun and great debate. You can argue Calipari is better than Donovan. You can argue Donovan is better than Calipari. You can argue Mike Krzyzewski or Rick Pitino or Jim Boeheim is better than Donovan or Calipari. You could be right; you could be wrong. No one knows.

And yet here are some lists I would be interested in reading this summer.

The (short) list of topics ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd has talked about since LeBron James opted for free agency that did not involve LeBron James opting for free agency.

Come to think of it, there may not be enough of these topics to constitute an actual list.

The list of plausible excuses the Brazilian Men's National Soccer team will manufacture over the coming months to explain Tuesday's stunning 7-1 World Cup semifinal loss to Germany.

The list of Reds fans that have not referenced Joey Votto's $251 million contract when lamenting the first baseman's lack of good health and MVP production.

 The list of reasons why people actually care about the Home Run Derby.

The list of former Cincinnati Reds that, according to Reds broadcaster George Grande, did not find the city of Cincinnati to be the greatest city in America.

The list of ways California Chrome owner Steve Coburn has tried to make peace with his wife after ignoring her smart pleas to stop during his controversial television interveiw after the Belmont Stakes.

The list of people who actually think the NCAA is doing a good job.

The list of Las Vegas nightclubs not visited by new Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

The list of books that received less press attention than Hillary Rodham Clinton's "Hard Choices" but more press attention than John Calipari's "Players First" this summer.

The list of Kentucky fans who know they should give Mitch Barnhart credit for what he has done with the school's athletic program, but just can't bring themselves to do so.

The list of people who are actually disappointed the Rupp Arena renovation project appears dead in the water.

The list of people who don't smile when the little girl says "Daddy, we won" and kicks up her leg when her father, trying so hard to avoid hearing the World Cup game result before reaching his DVR, enters the house in that Hyundai car commercial.

The list of fans, even Indiana fans, who thought Tom Crean deserved a spot in that aforementioned ESPN College Basketball Top 50 coaches list.

The list of Americans who can pronounce Jurgen Klinsmann correctly.

The list of thoroughbred race tracks where Ed Musselman, aka Indian Charlie, is allowed to distribute his publication after it was banned from both Keeneland (for printing a racially insensitive article) and Churchill Downs (for fighting trainer Dale Romans).

The list of readers who did not cringe seeing a naked Prince Fielder on the cover of ESPN's annual "Body" issue.

The list of people such as myself who, despite being so tired of hearing about him all the time, actually believe LeBron James is a good dude.

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