Bill Stone: 'Joan of Arc' Warren hurts the Grimes campaign

July 14, 2014 

Bill Stone, a former chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, is president of Louisville Plate Glass Company.

  • At issue: June 30 Herald-Leader article, "Warren in Ky. to take aim at McConnell; Senator calls Grimes a fellow ally of the middle class"

Throughout her campaign for U.S. Senate, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has tried to run and hide from Washington liberals in her party headlined by President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Not anymore.

Recently, and incredibly, Grimes officially aligned herself with the most exotic Democratic Party segments by campaigning with the doyenne of the leftist hierarchy, former Harvard professor, and now U.S. senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Kentucky's small-business owners believe in promoting America's economic advantages such as our natural energy resources. Warren thinks that whatever success we achieve has come at the expense of our fellow citizens. She discounts the 80-hour weeks that so many small business owners and family farmers invest to become reasonably successful.

Warren opposes building the Keystone Pipeline, which would create thousands of American middle class jobs. This position falls right in line with the arrogant crowd of eastern elites for whom she is a heroine.

Warren embraces the new Obamacare taxes, as well as mandates to emasculate the Second Amendment. Warren has never seen a Washington regulation or tax she doesn't support.

Warren is a cheerleader for Obama's Environmental Protection Agency's newest regulations placed upon our power plants, which will raise electricity prices and eliminate even more jobs in Kentucky, calling them a "powerful step."

This self-proclaimed Joan of Arc of the little guy would destroy in a heartbeat the lives of Kentuckians who depend on coal to support their families.

Warren must not realize the low electricity rates coal provides to Kentucky's working families. The Obama EPA plan will drive up the cost of living for all of us, and Warren is all in.

Affordable energy prices are important to middle class Kentuckians. Every extra dime spent on higher energy prices caused by new regulation is a dime not saved for a child's college education. Predictably,

Warren blames coal mines and power plants for global climate change, while ignoring a basic fact: It's China, not the U.S., which is by far the world's largest emitter of pollutants.

Warren is so out of touch with what is going on outside of Washington and the eastern seaboard that she needs a translator when she enters real world America.

She believes that the federal government should drive our nation's economy, that all good things emanate from the public sector, claiming, for instance, that those new EPA regulations will "generate significant cost savings and will help create jobs for American workers." Folks, she lives on her own separate planet.

By embracing this out-of-touch lady from Massachusetts, Grimes in effect has disqualified herself to represent the common-sense citizens of Kentucky. Hollywood, Harry Reid, environmental extremists, tax-and-spend members of Congress and Obama are all looking forward to welcoming Grimes to their destructive club. Kentucky voters have the power to stop them, and I believe they will.

To her credit, Grimes, who avoids questions from reporters, has pulled back the curtain and has revealed her political character.

She would do well in the environs of New York's Upper West Side, Washington's exclusive Georgetown area, or in Pelosi's San Francisco. However in our beloved home state of Kentucky, she is a public-policy visitor.

Bill Stone, a former chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, is president of Louisville Plate Glass Company.

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