Letters to the Editor: July 18

July 18, 2014 

No preachers as licensed counselors

Does anyone else see a church-state problem with this new Kentucky law allowing preachers to become licensed counselors to provide faith-based mental health services and collect insurance payments for their counseling?

If preachers are professionally qualified and have a degree in mental health, they do not need special legislation to become licensed counselors.

If they do not have the proper training and degrees to qualify as counselors, they must not be allowed to practice as state-approved counselors and become a danger to the public who are seeking qualified help.

I want to be the first plaintiff in a suit to have this law declared unconstitutional. I have a friend who is suffering from mental damage done to him as a child by Christian home schooling and the Christian schools he was made to attend.

I am sure he will want to be plaintiff No. 2. (I just asked him; he says he would rather be plaintiff No. 1.)

Emmett F. Fields


SEC cheating its fans

If you are looking forward to watching the University of Kentucky or Vanderbilt University games on TV like you have in the past, think again. The SEC channel will be carried only on Dish Network effective next month.

This means most fans will not be able to watch more than half of this year's games. The SEC, along with the coaches and sports directors, knew up front that cable and Direct TV were not going to carry the SEC channel.

Seven of 12 football games will not be televised for most of us. That is a slap in the face to avid, faithful fans. We expected them to care about their fans. Not so.

I hope the Herald-Leader received many more letters on this and that the phones ring off the hook at SEC universities.

Jim Harris

Florence, S.C.

Everyone has a limit

If you believe in term limits (and I believe most Kentucky voters do), let's retire Sen. Mitch McConnell this fall.

Malcolm Grinstead


Thanks, teachers

Teaching is not a job, it's a vocation. Teachers sacrifice for the future.

My son and all the students at Lafayette High School are privileged to have an amazing, passionate teacher in Marty Nolan, who teaches technology and advanced pre-engineering design, and commutes each day from the Indiana-Kentucky border. He finds each student's giftedness.

At the recent Technology Student Association national competition in Washington, D.C., Nolan's students were chosen as top 10 finalists in the structural engineering and essays on technology categories. More than 7,000 students from around the country and Germany competed.

These students will be history changers and builders of the future. They've come this far because of parental support and teachers who have found their giftedness.

Nolan had to replace an alternator in his vehicle on the way back to Kentucky, all alone under the broiling sun.

It would be wonderful to recognize this honorable teacher and the most exciting TSA competition. His excellent tradition will continue for upcoming students and families.

In gratitude to all teachers who have been in our children's lives.

Jeannie Laskey


Proposed amendments

This is my initiative for two new articles of amendment to the Constitution. They are as follows:

A 28th Amendment: "U.S. citizenship rights to unborn Americans." Science states that a baby, as young as one month old, has a heartbeat and brain waves. If these aren't the definitions of being human, then I don't know what are.

A 29th Amendment: Section 1, "The 16th and 17th articles of amendment to the Constitution are hereby repealed." Section 2, "Give the States seven years to Ratify this amendment."

Eliminate the 16th Amendment and the economy in America will explode. With $92 trillion in unfunded liabilities, we need growth.

Repealing the 17th Amendment? Return the votes to the states for U.S. senators. As the Founders originally wrote in the Constitution, the state legislature was to perform that role in choosing senators. After 100 years of these amendments, I stand to say they have not worked.

I wish my state's income tax to be abolished, but that is not a federal matter. Every state in the union that has no income tax is flush with tax receipts. I believe this will work wherever it is tried.

Ed Pawley


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