Letters to the editor: July 23

July 23, 2014 

Government woes over private greed

The federal government mishaps like Veterans Affairs, the Affordable Care Act, Benghazi, the prisoner exchange and the IRS scandal — all stoke angry GOP fever that "government can't do anything right."

Put those up against private-sector feats from Wall Street to New England Compounding, to coal mining run-off and fracking residue, to Lockheed-Martin overbudgeting, to auto recalls, Freedom Industries, Enron, Exxon, BP, cruise-ship misadventures, rail-car explosions, scams and hidden charges and ignition switch cover-ups.

Can either government or corporate America play fair and keep us safe and solvent? At least the government lets me vote.

Corporate fouls range from bad luck to greed and venality. Government fouls stem from patronage and absence of professional requirements for public office.

Then there's government versus government, with agency officials getting skewered by congressmen who squelch any try for gun control, while daily gun violence kills scores of Americans.

Bad things happen whether it's oligarchy or democracy. I'll take the latter.

Ernie Henninger


What is Grimes for?

Once again Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is being hypocritical by campaigning with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren who agrees nearly 100 percent with President Barack Obama.

Can we believe anything Grimes tells us about her concerns for Kentuckians, knowing all the damage that Obama continues to impose on the state's economy, especially the coal industry?

Grimes' recent comments regarding the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling demonstrate her following the Democratic Party's "war on women" mantra.

Doesn't she realize this was a religious ruling for a company that doesn't want to violate its religious beliefs on abortion by providing employees with pills that cause abortion? Hobby Lobby still provides 16 contraceptives for their employees. This is not a war on women.

I continually scrutinize the Herald-Leader and other media to find out what Grimes really stands for. Unfortunately, my scrutiny has not been satisfied.

Ruth Bebrowsky


Jobs also on the list

Sen. Mitch McConnell says economic development is a Frankfort issue, yet his campaign focuses on fighting for coal jobs.

He is responsible for Owsley County, the poorest county in America. The decline in the coal, tobacco and lumber industries has taken a harsh toll on this community and those jobs are not coming back.

Coal mining is responsible for 0.6 percent of employment in Kentucky. Over 16 percent of Kentuckians live in poverty, the same over the past 30 years.

Even if all the Environmental Protection Agency regulations on coal were lifted, poverty rates would remain the same.

If McConnell doesn't think helping to create jobs for his constituents is his responsibility, then why has he become a multi-millionaire while many are not better off?

People aren't on food stamps because they want to be, but because there is no other choice.

Kentucky needs a senator who takes responsibility for job development.

Walter Frazier


U.S. high tolerance

Americans tolerate giving Israel $3 million every day to terrorize 1.5 million imprisoned Gazans.

Americans tolerate no U.S.S. Liberty investigation into the two-hour killing of 34 American sailors and injury of 170.

They also tolerate $3 trillion spent to create failed governments in Afghanistan and President George W. Bush's preemptive invasions of countries that are no threat to America, and the half million Iraqi children who UNESCO calculates died as a result of President Bill Clinton's embargo in the '90s.

They tolerate a memo defending President Barack Obama's murder of American citizens without charges or a trial, the gulag of Guantanamo and black sites to torture prisoners around the world, indefinite detention of Americans by the U.S. military without a trial, and drones assassinating enemies of Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen governments.

Americans tolerate U.S. support of al-Qaida in Libya and Syria, a self-enriched Congress that will not label genetically modified food or allow single-payer health care, outspending the rest of the world on defense and impoverishing our country already swimming in debt.

In fact, there is almost nothing the American people will not tolerate.

Richard Krause


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