Letters to the editor: Aug. 23

August 22, 2014 

United States funds worldwide slaughter

For the last 13 years we have been at war because we are the weapons supplier for Israel. George W. Bush famously said "they hate us because of our freedom."

He was wrong. They hate us because we are the world's largest weapons exporter, meddler and death-dealer.

We now see a massacre of women and children, so far 1,500 dead. They are being murdered with American weapons by a country that gets $3 billion a year from us.

Israel's indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians is a real threat to our national security and will cause "terrorist" attacks on us, which our government will use as an excuse to slaughter more people.

When they attack us they are terrorists, and when we murder their women and children we are the good guys?

Israel is not our 51st state. It is time for us to get out of the Middle East and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.

Israel has over 500 nuclear weapons to defend itself, isn't that enough?

I am opposed to the slaughter of innocent women and children, and right now it is Israel that is doing all of the killing.

Tina Hoffman


Secure the border

The problem is controlling illegal immigration coming from Mexico because of passable terrain not cut off by fences.

Immigration is someone coming into a country from another country. Emigration is someone leaving one country to go to another.

This shows the lack of intelligence, materials and money for a presentable nation. As an economic leader, next to China, we should show our power by building and upgrading security measures on the border.

I propose Congress create a bill that builds better fences and funds more border control agents. By tightening the border you can control the population while keeping illegals out of the country.

Let them come, but do it right the first time so there is no trouble later on.

Dakota J. Priesgen


Impeachment query

To the right-wing extremists yelling to impeach the president, I ask a simple question. This will require you to stop hating for just a minute. Please specify the exact federal law that was broken leading to possible impeachment. Do not list some vague issue but please specify the exact federal statute broken.

You and your minions in Washington have been scuttling everything the president has asked for, even when the GOP suggested it in the first place. If you care to remember, GOP leaders met the night of the first inauguration and agreed to be against anything suggested by the president. All the right wing has shown is that it is good at hating, blocking, filibustering then taking a month vacation. Shame on all of you.

David Wachtel


Why not cannabis?

I want to know how it is that we just happen to have an Ebola serum ready. Derived from genetically-modified tobacco, it has not gone through clinical trials. Two Americans infected with Ebola waived liability and got the serum.

My big question is why terminally ill people can't do the same. If I am terminally ill, I should be allowed to have any treatment, including cannabis, whether it has been human-tested or not. The White House and the Centers for Disease Control have the worst double standards ever.

Robert Hamele


God not caught off guard

A recent op-ed asks: "Where is God amid bad news?" God is still in charge in the same way he was the day the brutal Roman Empire killed his perfect son. The evil in the world doesn't catch God off guard.

The Rev. Joes Phelps asserts that there is hope in our common humanity.

One wonders which report of our common humanity he has forgotten: The millions killed by ruthless dictators: 78 by Mao; 23 by Stalin; 17 by Hitler; 5 by Tojo?

A recent article reported on the mass murders of Christians in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya and Iran. "Christians once numbered 1.5 million in Iraq are now 400,000" said, Dr. Sebastian Gorka of Breitbart News Saturday, in an article, "The Extermination of Christians in the Middle East is this Generation's Holocaust."

The Daily Beast's headline blares, "A Global Slaughter of Christians, but America's Churches Stay Silent." While the church rushes to sanction Israel, our brothers, for defending itself from unprovoked terrorist attacks by those who refuse any solution that leaves Jews in Israel.

As Edmund Burke said, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The question is not where is God? The question is where is the church?

Susan Browne


Doesn't add up

Kentucky historically has been rated near the bottom in education and the Herald-Leader continues to show the reason why. While not having a degree in journalism, I can often find grammatical errors and misspellings in articles in the Herald-Leader. Now mathematics can be included in these errors.

Jim Warren's article about the Stearman aircraft said the 1945 aircraft was 79 years old. Using the "old math" system taught when I went to school in the '50s, we are either in the year 2024, the aircraft is only 69 years old, or was built in 1935. I'm sure the Herald-Leader uses spell check; maybe there is a "math check" program out there somewhere they can purchase.

John Amshoff


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