Letters to the editor, Aug. 26

August 25, 2014 

Paul really ran from the dreamers

The whole encounter between Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Steve King and the two dreamers at the Iowa State Fair is on YouTube. Just enter "Rand Paul dreamers."

Paul didn't just "exit the table, hamburger half eaten... to go to another interview," as claimed by his campaign in the Herald-Leader's story.

He choked mid-bite and bolted as soon as the dreamers announced who they were.

He knew immediately he was in a no-win situation. If he stayed and was recorded sounding sympathetic with the dreamers, the anti-immigrant Republican base would rake him over the coals.

If he argued with the dreamers, like King did, his "let's expand the tent" message would be shown to be the political ploy that it is. Answer? Paul ran away as fast as he could.

Watch the video if you want to see Paul's gut reaction to being put in a tight spot. It's telling and a good laugh.

Michael Braun


McConnell in a box

Mitch McConnell seems to have boxed himself into a corner. The central issue of his re-election campaign is that he is coal's biggest supporter and that Alison Grimes will be a rubber stamp for a "war on coal."

But McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, sits on the board of Bloomberg Philanthropies which is spending $50 million over four years to retire coal-burning plants; 16 plants in Kentucky already have been affected.

McConnell's defense is this initiative began a few months before his wife accepted her board appointment. But she took the position knowing full well Bloomberg Philanthropies was working to decimate the coal industry.

If McConnell was really the champion of coal he proclaims to be, he would balk at any association of his wife with the enemy of coal. Chao has made no comment condemning this organization.

McConnell's own wife appears to be the real rubber stamp on the war on coal.

Walter Frazier


Community standing?

I lived in Lexington from 1978 until 2007, and since I am not presently there, I am just curious to find out if CentrePointe developer Dudley Webb is currently the most despised individual in Lexington-Fayette County?

Just curious.

Benny Adams


Follow the rules

Isn't it beautiful? Look around at everything. The beautiful sunset, cloud formations, beautiful sky.

Our master painter, developer, creator, made all these for us to enjoy. The animals of the land, birds of the sky, fish of the sea — all are beautiful for us to see, hear and enjoy.

However, sometimes we forget and want to change everything so we may enjoy life more our way. Rules and regulations are here to keep us in line. Whenever we try to change things, we create an imbalance.

We will stumble through life confused, not being what we were created for. Try changing male- female life, which was created for a purpose — to respect, love, honor one another. Trees, flowers, birds, animals, fish and all us humans are to honor, respect each species.

The human species just doesn't run around like animals without a soul to make decisions for good or bad.

Consider who made us. What are we to do? Honor and serve our creator, love and serve one another.

John Schreiber


Thanks to social workers

In light of the recent allegations of misconduct against a social services worker at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the National Association of Social Workers Kentucky Chapter would like to acknowledge the professional commitment of all licensed social workers, certified social workers and licensed clinical social workers in Kentucky.

NASWKY acknowledges with great gratitude all social services workers at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for their incredibly hard work to support families in our state.

Melissa Johnson

Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, Kentucky Chapter


Great name

Kudos to Vicky "Hard Boiled" Broadus on her Aug. 18 feature story on Liar Catchers. I have always thought they were the second-most aptly named company in Lexington.

Nancy Smith

Corporate Secretary, Big Ass Solutions


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