Letters to the Editor/Elections: Aug. 27

August 26, 2014 

Clinton gets undue credit

There's a popular belief that Bill Clinton's presidency brought prosperity, which is no doubt why Alison Lundergan Grimes had him campaigning for her recently.

It should be remembered, though, that there were a number of trends back then which tended to boost the economy.

The Cold War ended, bringing a so-called "peace dividend." The entire Baby Boom generation was also of productive work age (being between the ages of 28 and 46) as Clinton took office, and it began pumping money into Wall Street.

Then new trade policies sent the manufacture of most household items overseas. And finally there were computer, Internet and cell phone revolutions, which radically changed home and work.

The myth of Clinton's economic success has helped him to muddy the waters on the cause of his impeachment, which wasn't over his affairs, but lying about them under oath, which was why he was also disbarred.

E.L. Schwibs


Unfair to Barr

Larry Dale Keeling's column critical of Rep. Andy Barr exemplifies the bias and shallow research students are encouraged to avoid. I respect Keeling's right to disagree with Barr's mechanism for informing the 6th district of congressional activities, but he should respect those of us who want to make informed decisions.

If Keeling's agenda is to criticize Barr for spending excessive tax dollars in one area would it not be fair to give all of the facts? For example: Barr spends over $320,000 less than his predecessor on staff and rent; any congressional mail that falls under the franking privilege is approved by a bipartisan committee; every congressional office has its budget set by an independent committee.

As for Keeling's self-depiction as a curmudgeon, I would have to agree. But hats off to Barr for continuing to communicate with all of his constituents, not just the ones who agree with him.

Laura Owens


Failed GOP policies

There's talk of flipping the Kentucky House in 2014, giving Republicans control of both chambers of the General Assembly.

That's dangerous and horribly wrong for Kentucky.

Because of failed Republican policy, locally and nationally, services and opportunity are diminished, our infrastructure is decaying and in disrepair, education has funding shortfalls and the cost of college is out of reach for many Kentuckians.

It's not acceptable for our young people to earn a degree that costs as much as a house and burdens them with loan payments for decades.

It's ludicrous we have a bridge never going anywhere in Northern Kentucky because our Republican representatives can't get off the mark and move the Brent Spence Bridge project.

Kentuckians must take the opportunity in November not only to turn back the GOP effort to take the House, but to gain Democratic seats in the Kentucky Senate and send Alison Grimes to Washington.

Bill Adkins


Grimes win ignored

Hey media, did you see the same Fancy Farm rally I did?

We, Grimes enthusiasts, outnumbered the McConnell cadre at least five to one.

Democrats from all over Kentucky donned Alison's blue shirts and cheered loudly and waved pro-Alison signs.

Grimes made our trip worthwhile. She delivered her speech in grand style, nailing Sen. Mitch McConnell for voting time and again against raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, fair interest for student loans and other issues significant to working Kentuckians.

When McConnell took the podium, he had no answer except to link Grimes to Obama.

In spite of her obvious victory, no one watching the news coverage on Louisville stations would guess. Shame on the media for not telling the true story of Fancy Farm. Grimes deserves the job as our senator.

Kentucky deserves to be represented by a daughter of Kentucky. It's time for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Glenna Pope Harris


Barr keeps in touch

Recently, I attended Congressman Andy Barr's Winchester town hall meeting. I assumed that this meeting would be canceled, as the House remained in session a day late to address the border crisis.

But much to my surprise the meeting happened as planned, with Barr using Skype to lead the meeting from his Washington, D.C. office.

Most elected officials look for reasons to not have to face their constituents, but Barr went out of his way to ensure that he was still able to hear from us despite the fact that the dysfunction in Washington could have easily prevented this meeting from occurring.

I appreciate the fact that Barr continually goes out of his way to seek input from constituents. While many go to Washington and lose touch with their home district, he spends his time in Washington communicating directly with us in Kentucky.

Alvin Bonds


Vote Grimes for jobs

Good jobs, the number one issue in the U.S. needing attention.

The majority of people are just scraping by and the older generation sees their savings and 401Ks disappearing. Unless we want to eliminate the middle class or have a depression something has to be done now.

Since Bill Clinton helped pass NAFTA, he needs to put on his fancy suits and bring back the good manufacturing jobs.

Then George W. Bush needs to get off the ranch and lobby the rich people to pay more taxes, since they didn't create any jobs with their tax breaks during his administration. Now President Obama is right to raise the minimum wage. This is long overdue.

All congressional members should be out there beating the bushes for jobs. Or Mitch 'Rich' McConnell might be out of a job.

Vote for Grimes. She knows how young families are struggling. But not big coal.

Alberta J. Toomey


McConnell's record

It's long past time for Mitch to run on his miserable record.

In my teaching career, and since, I have seen him vote no on countless education bills. He has voted no to food stamps and school lunches for poor children. He voted no to extension of unemployment benefits and always no to minimum wage increases.

McConnell blocked efforts to encourage businesses to hire veterans. He opposed medical programs, job training and tuition help for veterans. His votes against women include no to the Violence Against Women act, to equalization of pay, to the Affordable Care Act, which has, finally, given 200,000 Kentucky women health insurance.

He votes yes to increase his salary, cut taxes for the wealthy, for wars and unlimited campaign spending. Kentucky must elect a senator to represent teachers, firemen, policemen, women and the working class. That will only happen if Alison Grimes is elected in November.

Henry Everman


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