Letters to the Editor: Aug. 28

August 27, 2014 

Appreciate, don't fear, our police

A recent letter was so anti-police I wanted to respond. Where would we be if the police did not go into any neighborhood, black or white, where the problem with drugs is out of control?

The writer forgot to mention all the murders that have happened in that area of town and other crimes that occur because of drugs there.

Sounds like he does not care about all those crimes, just the police going after the drugs.

I am putting barbed wire around my home, preparing all my cannons, guns, knives, bows and arrows, etc., for the Fallujah-style assault the writer thinks is coming. Ha, ha, that made me laugh so hard.

I don't care if the writer is black, white, pink or any color. Why would you want any area of this town not to be rid of all the crimes caused by drugs?

I would like more police on the streets. Police in Lexington do a great job protecting the people of this city. Even the letter writer. So he should get over it.

Leonard E. Finn


Israel's mistake

At the risk of being called an anti-Semite, here goes anyway.

Who is kicking Arabs out of their homes, off their land, or building a wall between home and land? The U.S. captured a lot of Germany and all of Japan, then went home. Looks like the Jews aren't leaving the West Bank any time soon.

The Jews didn't quit when the Arabs were in power. What makes them think their half-brothers will quit?

The invasion of Gaza was necessary but they were doing more than bombing tunnels. Were the bombs at U.N. hospitals and schools bad shots?

Though not intended, all the Jews are doing is creating another generation of enemies. If you killed granny or mom or sister or brother, it won't be forgotten.

C.J. Fernandez


Help the post office

The U.S. Postal Service has lost $2 billion this past fiscal year and I believe our government had a lot to do with this situation.

Several years ago, federal employees were given a choice to keep receiving their salary checks in the mail or go direct deposit. When employees refused direct deposit, then checks started coming in three to five days late.

Employees were forced to go direct deposit, which eliminated some postal service, such as closing post offices, losing jobs, poor postal service and other problems.

I still buy stamps, mail my bills out and send letters to family and loved ones. Please support your local post offices and let's try to keep them operating.

Peter Herrera

Van Lear

Obama under attack

The low poll numbers for President Barack Obama show how effective the Republican McConnell-Fox-Limbaugh lie machine has been.

How often have you heard them try to crucify him as a big-spending liberal socialist whose stimulus did not work and who has blown our national debt into trillions?

But this is a lie. Spending during during President George W. Bush's two terms increased by 88 percent while Obama's budget spending has increased 3.78 percent.

Even with these facts, Republicans still claim that Obama has tripled the deficit.

The facts show that Bush's last budget deficit was $1.4 trillion. Obama's deficit is not even half as much.

If Obama had been a socialist, the stock market would have tanked by now instead of reaching new highs.

Do you want someone in the Senate whose millions inspire his record filibusters, or a person who wants to bring jobs to Kentucky?

Walt Dickenson


Misplaced priorities

Why do we constantly hear that Medicare is going broke, but we never hear that Medicaid is going broke?

Why is Social Security going broke, but not welfare or food stamps?

Why are we reducing our military and cutting back on pay raises for those that carry the heaviest burden, but expanding aid to illegal residents?

Why are we asked to not consider all Muslims crazy because of the actions of a few lunatics, but we are asked to consider all gun owners who crazy because of the actions of a few lunatics?

Just a few examples of where the liberal left has taken us in the last 50 years. And I think both Muslims and gun owners consider them crazy.

Joe Mercer


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