Letters to the editor: Aug. 29

August 28, 2014 

Health law means no E. Ky. doctors

My son is a third-year college student and a recipient insurance called Passport Health Plan. The reason he chose this health plan is because the new federal health care law requires it.

He is in need of a dermatologist, and none of the specialists in Eastern Kentucky are contracted by Passport nor will they even see my son with this insurance card because it's nothing but simple Medicaid.

The nearest contracted dermatologist by Passport is over 130 miles from Knott County.

Kentucky is supposed to be President Barack Obama's poster child in health care, when in fact it's a disaster to those covered in this state who are seeking health care.

This is a farce and disgrace that people in Appalachia have to travel so far to see a specialist because of a state-contracted insurance company that ignores an entire region. Kentucky health care, like the entire Obamacare, needs an overhaul.

David G. Duncan


Chao's inane ad

Elaine Chao should be ashamed of that inane ad for Sen. Mitch McConnell. Her logic is: All liberals don't speak for all women (therefore, all conservatives do). All women don't agree with President Barack Obama (therefore all women agree with McConnell).

I don't know about other women, but this Republican woman can think for herself.

Chao then says that Alison Grimes is anti-Kentucky. Really? What does Chao actually know? She's not from Kentucky.

While her legal, permanent address might be in Kentucky, I doubt the hours she's actually spent here total more than a year or two.

I am tired of paying McConnell to raise money for the GOP. He can't be spending much time doing what we're paying for. But, I guess saying "no" doesn't require much preparation.

Grimes may or may not be good for Kentucky, but she can't be any worse than what we've had for 30 years.

Glenna Brouse


Floating casino

In the interest of furthering a number of stalled projects, may I suggest moving the planned Ark Park from northern Kentucky to the CentrePointe pit?

The depth of the hole in downtown Lexington would permit the ark to float and therefore allow casino operations.

Guy Monroe


Barr effective

A recent letter accused Congressman Andy Barr of being an ineffective representative for his constituents, suggesting that accessibility cannot substitute for effectiveness.

I agree that those are two wholly separate issues, but I submit that Barr has been a very effective congressman.

It is impossible to accuse Barr of being ineffective when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the chief obstructionist, ensuring that good bills which pass the House are never even considered for a vote in the Senate.

When more that 300 bills are stuck on Reid's desk, it is clear that he is the one preventing representatives like Barr from enacting measures that would be good for the American people.

These include bills to reform Obamacare, provide jobs for out-of-work Americans and reform our broken immigration system.

Barr has been extremely effective. Blame lies with Reid's do-nothing Senate.

Sarah Congleton


Voters' challenge

Political challenge of the week — rank the following from best to worst:

1) The politician who says everything is fine, so vote for me again.

2) The politician who says things are rotten, so vote me in and I'll fix them all.

3) The politician who says some problems can't be fixed, but vote for me and I'll introduce measures that call for us all to make some sacrifices in order to minimize the damage.

Answer: However you ranked them, what's really the worst is an electorate who will vote for either 1 or 2 and will for sure throw 3 under the bus.

Ernie Henninger


Why no UK heroes?

Would someone please explain to me why there is a full wall painting of Mahatma Ghandi in a multi-purpose room of the University of Kentucky's (a state-run school's) newest residence hall?

I think it would be much more appropriate to have pictures of UK's many notables.

P.S.: I am a UK grad.

Sandra McChord


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