Letters to the editor: Sept. 3

September 2, 2014 

  • Correction

    The Aug. 25 commentary encouraging more production of Kentucky playwrights' work should have listed Linda Caldwell, Herman Farrell and Regan Payne as playwrights.

Too much aid goes to immigrants

Since its inception in 2008, the Merida Initiative, a partnership between the United States and Mexico, has spent about $700 million in Central America on police training and military equipment to fight drugs and other criminal activities. What was accomplished?

Meanwhile donations by U.S. taxpayers to religious organizations help legal and illegal immigrants through the U.S. Office of Refugee Settlement, with a 2014 budget of $750 million.

Yet there are about 610,000 homeless people in this country — at least 138,000 of them children. These numbers include all races, religions and genders, as well as veterans.

These homeless and millions of citizens at or near the poverty level do not automatically receive the food, shelter, clothing, medical care and legal assistance given to the so-called border "surgers," most of whom are teens 15 to 17 and mothers with children.

This is not a spontaneous happening nor a humanitarian issue. It was carefully planned and executed. This is about the sovereignty of the USA. Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn had the right idea: Spend $8 million to provide first-class air fare to return every border surger back home.

Roseanne Coffman


No local mail

I have just received a card from a local business which is about one-fourth mile from my house. It is postmarked Louisville. All local mail is now sent to Louisville to be postmarked. There is no slot at the post office for local mail. Previously, mail was sent to Lexington.

If this makes sense to anyone, please explain it to me. It is no wonder the Postal Service is going broke.

Reva M. Crabtree


Affronted by tattoos

What's worse than watching male basketball players with multiple tattoos over a good part of their upper bodies?

It is watching a female basketball player with those same insulting tattoos. Maybe not as many as the men have, but there are enough to wonder why they do such things to their bodies?

Don't they realize it is basically a permanent blotch on their bodies? Who wants to marry somebody with those blotches on their body?

Herb Petit


Clarke in the 10th

Harry Clarke, who is seeking re-election as councilman for the 10th District, has been my friend for nearly 30 years, so I am not surprised at the wonderful job he has done during his first term.

He is truly a full-time council member who has worked to improve Lexington, helping establish new neighborhood associations and collaborating with existing ones. He has not missed a single council meeting and has gained a reputation as having a calm, thoughtful voice.

As a father and a retired educator, Clarke is determined to leave future generations a vibrant, healthy Lexington. He is committed to doing what is right, rather than perpetuating any political ideology. He understands the critical importance of finding the right balance between encouraging necessary development and preserving the beautiful surroundings that make Lexington unique.

I encourage every voter in the 10th District to support Clarke for re-election.

Ben Hawkins


Keep Witt as sheriff

I have known Sheriff Kathy Witt for 11 years and I support her as Fayette County sheriff.

Witt's dedication to serving and protecting this community is just one of the many reasons. She never hesitates to reach out and help those in need.

I have seen, firsthand, her passion to help those in need as she walked door-to-door, handing out blankets and coats during frigid temperatures to ensure some warmth to those without.

Thanks to Witt for her commitment to helping make Fayette County a safer place for our familiess. Join me and vote Kathy Witt for sheriff on Nov. 4.

Misty Martin


In need of shelter

The Williamstown ark park is not being built a moment too soon. But with all this rain we have been having lately, I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Sharon Woodworth


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