Letters: Senate race, Sept. 4

September 3, 2014 

Lundergan's past relevant

I am amazed at the lack of journalistic skill exhibited by reporter Sam Youngman in the article about the Grimes campaign getting potentially illegal monetary favors from her convicted father, Jerry Lundergan.

I was a constituent of Lundergan when he lost his seat in the legislature over taking state business for Lundy's Catering without going through the bidding process. This history was directly related to the article.

Lundergan went through legal shenanigans to get the conviction purged, then ran for the same seat three times, losing each time. Of course, the Kentucky Democratic Party rewarded him by making him chairman of the party. Imagine that.

Is Youngman another Democrat in the media protecting his chosen candidate or does he merely desire to keep the sheeple uninformed? What is it that makes people vote for names, creating political dynasties? I say no more Clintons, no more Bushes and no more Lundergans.

Jeff "Mario" Smith


Real McConnell revealed

It's certain that everyone in Kentucky knows the real Mitch McConnell by now, but I'm afraid that reporter Sam Youngman chose to follow the GOP narrative rather than focus on what is aggravating most of us.

Why is McConnell attending a retreat sponsored by the infamous Koch brothers?

Obviously, to fill up his war chest. How is this retreat benefiting Kentucky? Of course it's not; it's simply a disturbing symbol of the growing influence of big money on decisions made to run the country.

Who is McConnell looking out for? Apparently not anyone working for minimum wage, unemployed or attending a university. Oh, I almost forgot, if you are against all the money in politics, the two-party (tyranny) system and politics as we see it today, he is not looking out for you either.

Vincent C. Smith


Re-elect McConnell

I am for Mitch McConnell 110 percent.

McConnell is the super-greatest senator we ever had in Washington. McConnell helps fight crime, making a safe place to live. We all need to get McConnell re-elected.

Alison Lundergan Grimes won't be good for Kentucky. We all must get behind McConnell and get him elected. Kentucky doesn't need Grimes because crooks will take over Kentucky. Kentucky needs McConnell because he stands up for what is right and helps the poor people.

And McConnell will save coal and will put people back to work and on the job.

Joseph Beck


Fraud and waste

In 2011, the Commission on Wartime Contracting told Congress that as much as $60 billion was lost to fraud and waste in Iraq and Afghanistan because of lax oversight of contractors, poor planning and corruption.

What was Sen. Mitch McConnell's role in all of this?

Four times in 2005 and 2006, McConnell voted against a special committee to investigate war contracts. In June 2006, McConnell helped kill an amendment to the defense authorization bill to improve competition in contracting and procurement and enhance administration of federal contracting personnel.

McConnell's refusal to back systems to audit and monitor war spending did little to defeat the Taliban but helped defense contractors line their pockets.

The defense industry has been very generous to him. Open Secrets.org shows McConnell has received more than $680,000 in donations from defense PACs and lobbyists.

Let's ditch Mitch.

Jenifer Smith


Grimes pro-abortion

Although Alison Grimes declined the invitation to attend a recent Baptist forum in Louisville, she was quoted in a Herald-Leader article about her view on abortion.

Echoing Bill and Hillary Clinton, Grimes said a woman's decision to abort should be "between herself, her doctor and her God."

Grimes should tell us what God she is referring to because it certainly is not the God of Christianity.

As for "her doctor" — abortionists who kill babies are at the bottom of the barrel within the medical profession.

Grimes is endorsed by Emily's List, a political action committee whose purpose is to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to Congress.

As a self-described Catholic, Grimes' expressed views on important moral issues emphasize the fact she's a devout Democrat instead.

Diana Maldonado


No-show McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee but did not attend committee meetings for three years.

Yes, he is old, and out of touch, but he voted on important issues that he has not even read.

All the while McConnell tells us how he helps us. But that is not true. He voted against school lunches for kids, and during the Iraq war he voted against an assured stream of funding for veterans health care by closing corporate tax loopholes and delaying tax cuts for the wealthy.

Ten years ago, McConnell led Republicans to vote against a plan that would have fixed the nation's crumbling infrastructure. Kentucky has 4,463 structurally deficient bridges. We rank 41st for the worst bridges.

McConnell has never had a plan to benefit Kentucky, or the people, only to benefit himself financially and get re-elected every six years.

Haven't we had enough?

Bobbie Barnett


GOP misinformation

Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign ad addresses the "death tax," also known as the estate tax, that is applicable to estates worth $5.34 million per deceased person, or $10.68 million for a married couple.

Small farms get special treatment to reduce the potential they will be subject to the tax. In 2011, according to the Tax Policy Center, the estates of only 40 small farms paid the tax. In 2011 there were 2.6 million deaths, but only 3,270 estates owed taxes — 99.87 percent didn't owe taxes.

McConnell's death tax ad is typical GOP. Use an inaccurate term to scare the uninformed. And it works. Some longtime friends, both retired, told me they were going to vote GOP because of Obama's death tax. They were surprised to learn that they would have to save every penny of their retirement for 260 years before they would be subject to the tax.

Ralph Blumer


McConnell v. miners

Left out of the blather about the "war on coal" is the war on miners waged by Sen. Mitch McConnell and corporate friends of coal.

If the senator were for miners he could have said something about the broad form deed, corporate coal's license to steal the land from under your house. He could have spoken up about unreclaimed strip mines leaching mercury into streams, poisoning mine families. He could have blown the whistle on fraudulent coal company bankruptcies, designed to evade corporate responsibility for disabled miners.

The end of coal is not a surprise. McConnell has had 30 years to devise a plan that looks past the exhaustion of the coal seams. Now, as the dregs are shipped to India, we are to believe there is a war on coal.

No, senator, it is a war on miners and their families, and you are on the other side.

Eugene Rhodes Johnston


Vacillating McConnell

Mitch McConnell continues to vacillate on the political winds.

Recently, taking shelter from his disastrous voting record regarding women, smiling McConnell was shown supporting the Debbie Smith Act, which supplies rape kits to women.

Following the Sandy Hook School massacre, when most were aghast at this barbaric act, McConnell sent a letter to Kentucky NRA members with the salutation, "Dear Patriots."

And now it has been revealed that while McConnell continues his "war on coal" diatribe, his wife, Elaine Chao, sits on the board of the Bloomberg Philanthropies which is anti-coal, anti-tobacco and anti-gun. The senator, however, claims that his wife should not resign from the board although her membership would seem to constitute a definitive conflict of interest.

And so, on and on it goes. Does Kentucky really want six more years of this? Surely we can do better.

George B. Hanrahan Jr.


Facts on McConnell

Any Kentuckian considering who to vote for in the senatorial race should consider several facts about our present senator.

The facts are that Mitch McConnell voted 17 times against raising the minimum wage, and 12 times against extending unemployment benefits for laid-off workers. McConnell also voted three times to give tax breaks for corporations that send Kentucky jobs overseas. He also voted against requiring anyone buying a firearm to have an instant criminal background check, and McConnell even voted against the version of the Violence Against Women Act that passed the Senate and went on to become law.

Is this the person that Kentucky needs to represent us in Washington? We need a senator who works for average Kentuckians, not for large corporations like McConnell has done.

LaVece Hughes


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