Newsroom statement of ethical values

Newsroom statement of ethical values
Sept. 23, 1999

Our commitment to our readers is to seek truth, provide fair and comprehensive coverage, and enlighten and reflect our diverse communities. We must not jeopardize the publicís trust in the execution of these duties. Without integrity and credibility, we have nothing to offer our readers. This statement of ethical values reflects the spirit with which we pursue these aims.

Be honest. Do not lie, steal or break the law to get a story. Never plagiarize.

Be fair. Be open-minded in reporting and editing news, and present information evenly and accurately. Strive to include all relevant views in news coverage.

Be professional. Behave with tact, taste and courtesy when dealing with the public. Whether in person or via electronic media, represent and uphold the Herald-Leaderís high standards.

Be above reproach: In its efforts to be a good corporate citizen, the Lexington Herald-Leader sponsors many civic activities. Likewise, employees are encouraged to participate in the community. However, newsroom employees shall:

- Refrain from conflicts of interest, real or perceived, and recuse themselves when conflicts are unavoidable.

- Shun items intended to influence coverage or those whose value could be thought to influence coverage, explaining why such gifts cannot be accepted.

- Not personally profit from the sale of promotional items or material submitted for review.

- Make every effort to reimburse or reciprocate the cost of food.

This statement cannot address all situations that might arise. Discuss ethical concerns with your supervisor. Use good judgment.