Appalachia grasps for hope as coal jobs fade

The seams of coal in some of Eddie Asbury's mines in McDowell County are so thin workers can barely squeeze down them. They enter on carts nearly flat on their backs, the roof of the mine coursing by just a few inches in front of their faces. They don't stand up all day.

Wendell Berry: Censors on the flagship

Though I willingly would do so if it were possible, I cannot understand the University of Kentucky’s decision to hide Ann Rice O’Hanlon’s fresco in Memorial Hall. The reason given is only that it shows people doing what they actually did. Black people did work in tobacco fields. Black musicians did play for white dancers. Indians did seriously threaten the settlers at Bryan’s Station.

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New effort to increase trees, shade in Lexington

Vice Mayor Steve Kay appointed a committee to study increasing Lexington’s tree canopy

Lexington’s tree canopy is at 25 percent, below long-term goal of 40 percent

City’s tree canopy provides approximately $50 million in economic benefits annually

The library mixes the architecture of the 1904 Carnegie building with new technology and lots of glass.