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Department Last name First name Title Work Phone Email
Administration Friday Rufus President & Publisher 859/231-3248
Administration Piechowski Janet Assistant to the Publisher 859/231-3109
Advertising Young Woods Kim VP/Advertising 859/231-3503
Editorial Gallman Vanessa Editorial Editor 859/231-1393
Facility Howard Ronald Facility Operations Manager 859/231-1374
Human Resources Wells Michael Director of Human Resources 859/231-3346
News Baniak Peter Editor/VP 859/231-3446

Ad Creation Hiler Rachel Digital Production Supervisor 859/231-1663
Excelerate Harrison Krystina Client Success Coodinator 859/231-3835
Excelerate Grandstaff Todd Media Sales Consultant 859/231-3835
Sales Support Taylor Melissa Adbase/National Adv Coordinator 859/231-3184
Sales Support Bryant Missy Adv Operations Supervisor 859/231-1651
Sales Support Cassady Kevin Advertising Artist 859/231-1657
Sales Support Gregory Jason Advertising Artist 859/231-3535
Sales Support Wheat Savannah Advertising Artist 859/231-3509
Sales Support Burnett Jason Advertising Artist, Digital 859/231-1610
Sales Support Miller Tiffani Customer Success Analyst 859/231-1445
Sales Support Hicks James Digital Operations Supervisor 859/231-1614
Sales Support McGinnis Heather Director, Digital Advertising & Client Success 859/231-3164
Sales Support Blackwell Jennye Financial Analyst 859/231-3483
Sales Support Pace Jane Ashley Marketing, Training, and Research Manager 859/231-3538
Sales Support Redmon Nic Media Sales Consultant - Auto 859/231-1636
Sales Support Justice Sara Media Sales Consultant - Auto 859/231-3146
Sales Support Putthoff Courtney Media Sales Consultant - Auto 859/231-3434
Sales Support Etterman Jessica Media Sales Consultant - Inside 859/231-1438
Sales Support McConnell Tammy Media Sales Consultant - Inside 859/231-1644
Sales Support Reynolds Cindy Media Sales Consultant - Inside 859/231-3171
Sales Support Light Toni Media Sales Consultant - Local 859/231-1656
Sales Support Huber Nicole Media Sales Consultant - Local 859/231-1625
Sales Support Webb James Media Sales Consultant - Piston 859/231-1679
Sales Support Sturgis B.J. Media Sales Consultant - Recruitment 859/231-3511
Sales Support Dahl Kristina Media Sales Consultant -Strategic 859/231-1619
Sales Support Powers Kate Media Sales Consultant -Strategic 859/231-1620
Sales Support Burkhaulter De'Osha Multi Media Planner 859/231-1642
Sales Support Stacy Georgianna Multi Media Planner 859/231-1646
Sales Support Broughton Judy Obituary Consultant 859/231-3106
Sales Support Collins Odella Obituary Consultant 859/231-3154
Sales Support Napier Lee Preprint Coordinator 859/231-3137
Sales Support Blank Savannah Sales Assistant - Auto 859/231-1403
Sales Support Dixon Ryan Sales Assistant - Inside 859/231-1624
Sales Support Jarvis Barbara Sales Assistant - Local 859/231-1645
Sales Support Elsen Fran Sales Director - Strategic Accounts 859/231-1664
Sales Support Davis Marty Sales Manager - Auto 859/231-1434
Sales Support Edgerly Nick Sales Manager - Local 859/231-3181
Sales Support Walters Chris Special Sections Coordinator 859/231-1653

Audience Support Tian Michelle Budget Specialist 859/231-3351
Audience Support Cannon Sarah Data Coordinator 859/231-3358
Audience Support Stewart Donna Data Coordinator 859/231-3286
Audience Support Dean Amy V.I.P. Agent 859/231-3540
Home Delivery Souers Jud Logistics Coordinator 859/231-3352
Retention Taylor Sherry Subscriber Retention Manager 859/231-3354
Sales/Marketing Cummons Brandon National Digitial Manager 859/231-1480
Single Copy Morgan Richard Single Copy Sales Director 859/231-1495

Opinions Page Lucke Jamie Associate Editor, Editorial Page 859/231-3340
Opinions Page Carfagno Jaci Editorial Assistant 859/231-1652
Opinions Page Gatton Rita Editorial Assistant 859/231-3250
Opinions Page Pett Joel Editorial Cartoonist 859/231-3443

Finance Harris Fran Accounting Manager, Advertising 859/231-3315
Finance Bush Paula Cash/Circulation Specialist 859/231-3116
Finance Belcher Connor Newsprint Coordinator 859/231-3119
Finance Bosemer Brian Reporting & Compliance Manager 859/231-3379

Copy Desk Scott Will Copy Editor 859/231-3246
Copy Desk Sonka Mark Copy Editor 859/231-3108
Copy Desk Renfro Franklin Designer/Copy Editor 859/231-3245
Copy Desk Rivera Morgan Designer/Copy Editor 859/231-3195
Copy Desk Campbell Andy News Assistant 859/231-3795
General News Stamper John Deputy Editor, Accountability 859/231-3204
General News Lawhead Deedra Deputy Editor, Digital 859/231-1680
General News Simms Brian Deputy Editor, Presentation 859/231-3327
General News Holt Dean Design Desk Editor 859/231-3263
General News Medema Randy Design Desk Editor 859/231-3477
General News Scherer Sally Features Editor 859/231-3303
General News Varney Dennis Lead Sports Page Designer 859/231-3514
General News Eblen Tom Metro Columnist 859/231-1415
General News Wingo Dorothea News Assistant 859/231-3258
General News Hendren Harriett News Assistant 859/231-3175
General News Desrochers Dan Reporter 859/231-3200
General News Eads Morgan Reporter 859/231-1330
General News Crumbie Trey Reporter 859/231-3261
General News Blackford Linda Reporter 859/231-1359
General News Brammer Jack Reporter 859/231-3200
General News Cheves John Reporter 859/231-3266
General News Copley Rich Reporter 859/231-3217
General News Estep Bill Reporter 859/231-3212
General News Honeycutt-Spears Valarie Reporter 859/231-3409
General News Kocher Greg Reporter 859/231-3305
General News Musgrave Beth Reporter 859/231-3205
General News Patton Janet Reporter 859/231-3264
General News Truman Cheryl Reporter 859/231-3202
General News Ward Karla Reporter 859/231-3314
News Stroh Caitlyn Digital Content Producer 859/231-3580
News Robinson David Site Administrator 859/231-1380
Photo Ware Chris Artist 859/231-3147
Photo Bertram Charles Chief Photographer 859/231-1603
Photo Garrison Ron Multimedia Director 859/231-1601
Photo Alcala Pablo Photographer 859/231-1604
Photo Dorsey Marcus Video Journalist 859/231-1601
Photo Slitz Alex Visual Journalist 859/231-1601
Sports Clay John Columnist 859/231-3226
Sports Story Mark Columnist 859/231-3230
Sports Childress Rick News Assistant 859/231-3100
Sports Sullivan Josh News Assistant 859/231-3225
Sports Roberts Ben Online Content Producer 859/231-3216
Sports Moore Josh Reporter 859/231-1307
Sports Smith Jennifer Reporter 859/231-3241
Sports Tipton Jerry Reporter 859/231-3227
Sports Peck Jared Reporter 859/231-1333
Sports Graf Mat Sports Editor 859/231-3529