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    Parenting isn't stress-free if you're doing it right

    I recently read an article which made the point that we often feel that being part of a child's life, or the parent of a child, brings joy and happiness. While this is true, caring for children brings with it an incredible amount of responsibility, and with that comes an incredible amount of stress...


    WKYT's Chris Bailey gets a kick out of winter's harsh weather

    During times of inclement weather like we had recently, WKYT's chief meteorologist Chris Bailey will set an alarm so that he can wake up every hour to check if there's anything he needs to Tweet.


    Family Meals Matter: Bite into a healthy lifestyle

    March is National Nutrition Month - a time when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages all Americans to examine their food choices. This year's theme is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle." While some people think that healthy eating means a restrictive diet and bland flavor profile, fans...


    Lean In: Colleen Louw, technical program manager

    Six years ago my husband and I packed our bags - my drum, an array of books and a handful of last minute keepsakes pressed into our hands at the airport - and left our hometown at Africa's southernmost toe. We began our lives as immigrants in the hard-driving Washington, D.C., metro area just outside...


    Invisible Boyfriend app gives me an unreal idea

    There's a new app to fool people into believing you're in a relationship. The Invisible Boyfriend app. You design your dream guy - give him a name, photo, interests and personality. And for $24.99 a month, you can feel the effects of a rewarding virtual partner with the app that sends you texts, ...


    Child Sense: Creating family keepsakes

    Our children grow up so fast, one minute they are lying in your arms unable to even sit or roll; and the next they are contemplating which college they want to go to. By having a family tradition of keeping and recording the special moments you share together with your child, you create a wonderful...


    Book review: 'Finding Spring' is a charming, classic story about seasons

    Parents need to know that "Finding Spring"is an artful, happy read about a bear namedMaurice whosemom leads him to their cozy den to hibernate, but the little bear cub wanders out in search of spring andencounters snow, as well as forest creaturespreparing for winter.He returns, and when he and ...


    Celebrity Baby Scoop: Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro at 'Focus' Premiere

    Actor Alfonso Ribeiro and his expectant wife Angela Ribeiro struck a pregnant pose at the premiere of "Focus" in Hollywood, Calif. Looking every bit the doting daddy-to-be, Ribeiro cradled his wife's growing baby bump as they walked the red carpet.


    Game review: 'The Talos Principle': Tech-focused sci-fi puzzler challenges and rewards

    Parents need to know that"The Talos Principle"is a downloadable puzzle adventure game. Players will spend their time reading emails and piecing together what became of a ruined utopia while navigating its many, manyPortal-style puzzles. This is a game where progress is only made when it's earned...


    Ultimate guide to YouTube

    Smosh, Good Mythical Morning, PewDiePie - the names may not mean much to you, but chances are your kids are on a first-name basis. Their funny hosts, off-the-cuff commentary, silly antics, and bewildering (to adults) subject matter put them among themost popular YouTube channelsfor young teens, ...

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