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    Puff & Stuff: Learn to make cream puffs

    Cream puffs look, well, full of themselves. Puffed up. Like they took a lot of time and expertise to prepare and they know it. They stand golden and layered with lightness, housing fluffy concoctions like Chantilly Lace Whipped Cream or rich fillings like Almond Cream.

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    Whip it good! Flavored whipped cream is the perfect filler or topper

    You'd think it would difficult to turn something good into something even better, but with whipped cream you'd be wrong.

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    Masterpiece bash

    Want to throw a birthday celebration kids will go Dada over? Invite some young visionaries to party arty with these wildly creative hands-on projects and color-happy treats.

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    Entertaining with pairings is double the fun

    It's hard to deny that notable things come in twos: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, shoes, the Olsen twins, for example. Why go with one when you can double your entertaining fun? See how likely and unlikely party pairings can add a punch to dinner and lunch.

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    Summer treats for grown-ups include mojito ice pops and slushy cocktails

    Grown-ups deserve summer treats - something sophisticated, exotic, and maybe a little intoxicating. Try gourmet flavors like cantaloupe and basil, lemon and ginger, or Egyptian hibiscus and peach. Or, for a summer cocktail party, what about a mojito ice pop with mint leaves suspended inside or pineapple...

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    Searching for Ernest Hemingway's black beans recipe

    Many many years ago (1970s) I clipped a recipe for Ernest Hemingway's black bean soup from a Chicago newspaper, possibly the Trib. I made that recipe many times and was asked for the recipe many times because it was that good, perfectly seasoned. Unfortunately, someone never returned my copy of ...


    Kentucky leads nation in federal funding for local food, Vilsack says

    Kentucky leads the nation in participation in federally funded local food projects, with 1,659 projects including high tunnels that extend the growing season, microloans for smaller farmers, and direct funding for food hubs, farmers' market and other local food enterprises.

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    New cookbooks have tasty recipes for your holiday cookout

    With the Fourth of July nearly here, backyard barbecue season is in full swing. For a lot of people, the best barbecue — like Dorothy's heart's desire in The Wizard of Oz — is right in their own backyard. If you're looking for a way to up your grilling game, the Ultimate Book of BBQ...

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    Fáilte Irish Imports to add coffee shop, with tea and scones

    Fáilte Irish Imports in downtown Lexington is adding a coffee shop. Owner Liza Hendley-Betz said that starting at 8 a.m. July 4, Fáilte will serve espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced coffees and flavored coffees made with Magic Beans coffee beans.

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    Juice bar coming to Kentucky Avenue

    Matt Papania and partners Tyler Hughes and Mike Asay are opening The Press Café & Juice Bar at 191 Kentucky Avenue, where La Petite Creperie used to be.

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