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    'Mad as Hell': How 'Network was art that predicted life

    No list of essential movies would be complete unless it included the brutal 1976 satire of television news, the subject of New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff's "Mad as Hell: The Making of 'Network'and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies." "Network" wasn't so much a movie with...


    Man details abuse claims against 'X-Men' director

    A man who claims he was sexually abused by "X-Men" franchise director Bryan Singer said Thursday that he reported the molestation to authorities at the time, and he does not know why charges were never pursued.


    Days after shooting, 'Virunga' debuts at Tribeca

    Days after the director of Africa's oldest national park was shot by gunmen, a documentary about those who protect Virunga National Park from armed poachers and encroaching oil interests premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.


    Kim Novak speaks out against Oscar night 'bullies'

    Kim Novak says that cruel jabs about how she looked during the Oscar ceremony amounted to bullying that left her crushed at first, but then determined to speak out in protest.


    'Transcendence': All sizzle, no steak

    That man would have the hubris to reach the level of a god is a notion that has long animated both myth and literature. To see such ambition brought low is a story that never gets old, and that premise is the best part of "Transcendence," a belabored science-fiction fantasy that aims for what its...


    Inept screen adaptation derails 'The Railway Man'

    Post-traumatic stress is better recognized now than in earlier decades, but it has been an aftereffect of every war. It's not until "The Railway Man" reveals the WWII survival story of its hero that we grasp the significance of the opening shot. Emotionally maimed Eric Lomax lies on his living room...


    'Transcendence' a less-than-transcendent experience

    "Transcendence" is "Her" for dummies - a romance between a woman and a machine for people who care more about technology, pixels and special effects than, you know, the things in life that matter.


    'Haunted House 2' is too much of a bad thing

    Imagine a Venn diagram charting three qualities: Silly, gross and dumb. At the point where they overlap you will find the fright film spoof "A Haunted House 2," a scattershot, anything-goes affair that's unapologetically stupid. Proudly stupid. Aggressively stupid.

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