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    'The Theory of Everything': Stephen Hawking biopic falls just short of brilliant

    A great performance makes us forget the actor and see only their creation. That's what happens in The Theory of Everything. We forget Eddie Redmayne's meticulous efforts to recreate the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking, a great thinker trapped in a contorted, crumbling, body.


    'Horrible Bosses 2'

    Your enjoyment of Horrible Bosses 2 is almost wholly dependent on your tolerance for clusters of funny actors, babbling, riffing — and in the case of Charlie Day, screeching — all at once.


    Gifts for movie lovers that go beyond the box set

    When shopping for the movie lover on your list, why not think outside the box (set)? While DVD or Blu-Ray box sets can still make great gifts, here are other things to consider for your favorite cinephile this season.

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