Teach kids how to resist advertising and be smart consumers

Commercials are nothing new. We all grew up with them and can probably sing a dozen or more jingles. What is new is how advertisers have adapted to digital media – especially apps, websites, and social media. Many of today's ads – from product placements in movies and on TV to online contests, viral videos, and "chatbots" (robots that send instant messages) – don't look like ads. And that's by design. Adapting to ever more jaded and fickle viewers, marketers have developed ways to integrate ads into entertainment, so it's hard to tell where the "real" content ends and the ads begin. These techniques also encourage us to interact (click, swipe, play, chat), which gives marketers data about our habits, likes, and preferences.


The best Nintendo Switch games

The Nintendo Switch has only been out in the wild for a short time, but it's garnered quite the following since it's made its debut. The release library is quite small at the time of this writing, but it's got several titles you should consider playing if you're looking for those must-buy titles every new system comes with. While waiting for more of the heavy-hitters to reach store shelves, here are the building blocks of the Nintendo Switch library that you should absolutely consider purchasing.


Ex-etiquette: Food preferences can be a bone of contention

Q. My partner has two teenagers who live with their mother in another state. We see them on breaks and two to three weeks in the summer. They seem to get along quite well with my son who is about their same age. My biggest problem is that they don't eat the same way as we do. I don't buy junk food and we have a consistent time for meals where we all sit down together. They think that's weird. I asked them what they liked and tried to cook it, but they hated my pizza and they wouldn't eat it. How can I make these children feel welcome while maintaining some kind of order in my home? What's good ex-etiquette?


Parents' rules for social media

Chris Ware lays out three rules for parents and their children's social media use.
Parents' rules for social media 1:05

Parents' rules for social media

Mark Johnson speaks at AIDS Walk 1:01

Mark Johnson speaks at AIDS Walk

UK winning pitcher comes from family of stars 1:47

UK winning pitcher comes from family of stars

How to make Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino at home 3:33

How to make Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino at home