Paul Prather

Yes, it’s true: Evangelicals used to be Christianity’s liberals

Among the great paradoxes in modern religion is the transformation of evangelical Christianity from a progressive, left-leaning movement to its present incarnation as the conservative base of the Republican Party. Whenever I mention this shift, as I do from time to time, I’m met with skepticism from secularists and evangelicals alike. Neither group approves this narrative. Nonetheless, it’s true.

Paul Prather

Rampant crime and a tanking economy? Really? Look again

Fairly regularly, one or another of my Facebook friends announces that he has secured a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I have no problem with that. I was raised around guns. What puzzles me is the notice of besiegement that accompanies these announcements. Let’s not let our feelings hijack our reason.

Paul Prather

If you need something to worry about, consider the state of newspapers

If I were to pick one current economic or social trend I consider the most dangerous, it would be the decline of the newspaper industry. As you probably know, formerly vibrant newspapers across the country have cut their staffs to the nub. Yet they continue hemorrhaging money. Some big-city dailies have closed altogether. Those that remain are wobbly.

Paul Prather

If we give a little and act like adults,we can overcome big rifts

Humility ought to be a starting point for our social discourse. Sad to say, it has been largely discarded as a public — or, for that matter, a private — virtue. I think about this a lot, especially when I’m listening to preachers or political candidates or various activists rage on TV. I thought of it again recently while reading the “Ethicist” column in the online New York Times Magazine.

Paul Prather

Promise to make a difference in somebody’s life

I was thinking about my mother on Mother’s Day. She wasn’t rich or famous or highly educated or socially prominent or even particularly sociable. Yet she deeply touched others’ lives. She managed this without making a single grand gesture. She did it just by loving people, and by being kind to them, and by going out of her way for them.


Good Friday cross carrying

Lexington Catholics carry crosses to downtown locations for Stations of the Cross readings.
Good Friday cross carrying 1:13

Good Friday cross carrying

Extraordinary bull triplets born to Angus cow in Kentucky 1:02

Extraordinary bull triplets born to Angus cow in Kentucky

Max Flannery Describes Menu At Loudon Square 1:22

Max Flannery Describes Menu At Loudon Square

Cris Carter salutes Coach Cal 1:03

Cris Carter salutes Coach Cal