Paul Prather

My column on Trump, Christians went viral. Then I got a lesson in the politics of fear.

A column I wrote a year ago about why so many Christians were backing Donald Trump has gone viral. I’ve received lots of email messages about it, including one that included an article written by journalist and lawyer Amanda Taub that synthesizes a growing body of academic research on authoritarianism. In scholarly circles, “authoritarianism” refers not to political strongmen but to a common personality type among voters who support strongmen.

Paul Prather

Want to cheer yourself up? Try practicing gratitude

In intellectual circles, gratitude can be regarded as unsophisticated, and cynicism as cool. Nonetheless, I believe this to be true: we’re happier and feel more fulfilled and better help those around us live productively when we choose to be grateful rather than resentful or self-pitying or nihilistic.

Paul Prather

There is a Christian way to challenge President Donald Trump

I did not vote for Mr. Trump. I think he’s definitely dangerous to the republic and potentially dangerous to humanity. A man who can’t responsibly handle a Twitter account probably shouldn’t be entrusted with the nuclear football. The question then: How should I, and other Christians who disagree with the present condition of the nation, respond?

Paul Prather

Let’s get to know those we disagree with rather than demonize them

We might disagree about religion or politics or sports, but we also should recognize the myriad things about which we agree. Nobody is one-dimensional. Nobody is just a Trump supporter or a Hillary supporter or a gun-rights proponent or a Baptist or a Jew. They’re also parents and grandparents and daughters and coworkers and fellow UK fans.

Paul Prather

Vote on Tuesday, then pray hard for whoever wins

The Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has caused high anxiety in adherents of both candidates, fearful of what the other might bring to the oval office. Paul Prather says this is a time Christians need to remember that God is in control and pray for our leaders, whatever the outcome.


Mother Teresa's legacy: Eastern Kentucky convent carries on her work

In the years since 1982, when Mother Teresa established her order’s first rural convent at Jenkins in Eastern Kentucky, the Missionaries of Charity have carried on her work of serving the poor, the sick and the aging in the mountain community. Mother Teresa is to be canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church Sunday.
Chris Ware
Mother Teresa's legacy: Eastern Kentucky convent carries on her work 2:17

Mother Teresa's legacy: Eastern Kentucky convent carries on her work

Mother Teresa's 1982 visit to Eastern Kentucky 1:41

Mother Teresa's 1982 visit to Eastern Kentucky

Good Friday cross carrying 1:13

Good Friday cross carrying

Kenny Payne: Our standard is higher 0:57

Kenny Payne: Our standard is higher