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At UK, about 40 percent of harassment investigations end in firing

University of Kentucky investigators looked into 57 sexual harassment and discrimination complaints from 2011 to 2016, finding enough evidence to recommend firing the employee about 40 percent of the time. About 33 percent of those investigated were found in violation of UK’s policies but were allowed another chance, often with more training. No evidence was found to support the complaints in the remaining 27 percent of cases.


Atheist group’s anti-Noah’s Ark billboard rejected

A group of atheists based in Northern Kentucky raised $10,000 for a billboard protesting the soon-to-open Ark Encounter amusement park, a place where Christian scripture is taken so literally that a Noah’s Ark replica is being built in Biblical measurements called “cubits.”

Police, neighbor recount scene after pedestrian struck, killed by driver with medical condition

Lexington police Lt. Jackie Newman and 50-year neighbor Blond Dell describe the scene after a pedestrian is struck by driver having medical condition, both killed.
Marcus Dorsey