America always a country of immigrants

Immigration is our most polarizing political topic. Many Americans think of “illegal immigrants” only in terms of people of Hispanic descent. Our current president fans the flames of bigotry with his hateful rhetoric that exposes his ignorance of the fact that America is, and always will be, a nation of immigrants.

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Taxes, please

Although I don’t agree with all of President Donald Trump’s politics, I sincerely want him to succeed in lessening the negativity and divisiveness that grew out of the recent election. He can easily and immediately do this and end the widespread, unsubstantiated speculation that his connections with corrupt Russian oligarchs will compromise our American foreign policy.

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Support Israel, not its enemies

Israel’s settlements are not illegal, as a Feb. 3 letter said; they are built on Israel’s land, which it fought for and won in 1948 and which was deeded to Israel 4,000 years ago. In 1967, Israel regained Jerusalem. Israel has never been the aggressor. It fights only in self-defense.

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Women won’t shut up

I am a “nasty woman” from Clark County. I was near the stage in Washington, D.C. I saw Ashley Judd, heard every word. My cousins attended in Boston and Pasadena, Calif. Women are strong. Smart. Kind. Gentle. Tough. Nasty.

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Fayette schools need a lobbyist?

The Fayette County school system has enough money to throw around to hire a lobbyist. On top of that, there is enough to pay double compared to the low bid? With the alphabet-soup of education groups walking the halls of Frankfort, isn’t the system already represented? What happened to “It’s About Kids”?

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License panhandlers

Kentucky courts recently ruled it a right to solicit money on the streets of Lexington. It is hard to believe the city cannot find a reasonable solution to the problem of individuals accosting drivers and pedestrians.

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Give Trump a chance

I couldn’t agree more with a recent letter that it is past time for people to quit complaining and be supportive of President Donald Trump. He won the election, and it is time to move on to something else and give him a chance to do his job.

Letters to the Editor

A tale of two Vladimirs

Steve Bannon, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has the president’s ear. Bannon, formerly of Brietbart News, the mouthpiece of the alt-right, has in the past, proclaimed himself a follower of Vladimir Lenin, first ruler of the Soviet Union.


No. 1 Scott County wins district

Scott County boys rout Sayre to win 42nd District title.
No. 1 Scott County wins district 1:47

No. 1 Scott County wins district

 'One down, 24 to go.' Cauley-Stein pushing Kings toward playoffs 1:41

'One down, 24 to go.' Cauley-Stein pushing Kings toward playoffs

Historic coal town celebrating 100th birthday 1:52

Historic coal town celebrating 100th birthday

On UK's memorable Senior Night 0:31

On UK's memorable Senior Night