Letters to the Editor

Medicaid game changer for Ky.

Led by Kentucky’s own Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican health care plan is scheduled go to the Senate floor without hearings, no expert testimony and — worse — little time for the public to speak up. It will affect one-sixth of the American economy and millions of people.

Letters to the Editor

McConnell’s cruel, ironic bill

Sen. Mitch McConnell on June 22 released a proposal intended to replace Obamacare. Although McConnell touted his legislation as needed to reduce Obamacare premiums and deductibles, those issues were not even addressed. Instead the bill reduces roughly $800 billion from the Medicaid program by repealing taxes being paid by the wealthy.

Letters to the Editor

Former NRA member speaks

Regarding the article on the absurd, repugnant and sickening defense proposed by two men accused of killing a University of Kentucky student: They want to avoid the death penalty because their brains aren’t fully developed and they can’t think straight? Wow.

Letters to the Editor

Prayer as a cheap solution

Recently, Gov. Matt Bevin criticized the Revs. Kevin Cosby and Joseph Phelps for speaking out against his public proposal calling for dedicated people of faith to go to targeted blocks in Louisville’s West End weekly for a year to mingle and pray on street corners with residents there in hopes of significantly reducing violent crime.

Letters to the Editor

Unreasonable and arbitrary

A lawsuit filed against the governor and the attorney general claims the prohibition of the medical use of marijuana is unconstitutional. The Kentucky Constitution says a law cannot be unreasonable and arbitrary.

Letters to the Editor

Fix it in 2018

How’s it going for Trumpians here in Kentucky? Seems like health care isn’t going to be what President Donald Trump promised, and the rich get more tax breaks while jobs are not developing as promised.

Letters to the Editor

Speak up on tax reform

When Gov. Matt Bevin calls the special session of the General Assembly this fall, it’s vital that the voices of all Kentuckians are heard. With a super-majority at hand, the governor has the opportunity to force his idea of tax reform through, while hurting the majority of this state. This reform, whatever shape it may take, is going to affect the wallets of each and every resident.

Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Horsey Hundred

I participated in my first Horsey Hundred on May 27 and 28. It was a great event. The emails before the event provided us with all the information that we needed, and the registration and vendor expo on Friday night was a wonderful experience.


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Pro baseball in Nicholasville 1:37

Pro baseball in Nicholasville

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Man's best friend makes a splash at DockDogs competition

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Pride festival brings color, music and message of inclusiveness to downtown Lexington