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NFL right on protest ban, wrong on cheerleader rules

It took two years, boycotts by fans, declining TV ratings, growing alarm among advertisers, a drop in the sale of gear and especially a public shaming by President Donald Trump, but the owners of NFL teams have finally decided their players will not be allowed to kneel or make other protests during the playing of the national anthem.

Letters to the Editor

School counselors first line of defense

Another school shooting and still no changes. If we can afford metal detectors at every door, we can afford to utilize the resources we already have. Students need to be taught what behavior we expect and school counselors want to do that. The trouble is that’s not what happens in schools.

Letters to the Editor

Eblen unfair to Rupp

Tom Eblen reported last month about segregation in Lexington at the time of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s assassination. He stated that at the University of Kentucky, “White fans at ballgames waved Confederate flags and sang ‘Dixie.’ Basketball coach Adolph Rupp didn’t want black players on his team.”


Take care of Lexington’s heart

Investment in old neighborhoods and idle commercial districts is good, but not if it victimizes longtime residents and businesses. A new task force will search for ways Lexington can grow without destroying neighborhoods or farmland.


Ridiculous gun lust invites even more ridiculous gun list

After the latest school shooting, the 20th in 2018, (but who’s counting) the National Rifle Association and some of it’s more excitable members have assured us once again that guns do not kill people. I offer some alternatives for self-protection that these folks have reminded us can be used to kill people:

Mayoral candidate Ronnie Bastin: Opioids, school safety are priorities

Ronnie Bastin, a candidate for Lexington mayor, reveals his focus and qualifications for the job.
Marcus Dorsey