How Ky. hatches its charter schools essential to success

The hottest toy of this past Christmas season was Hatchimals — plastic eggs with one of two interactive creatures inside. The lucky recipient nurtures the egg, causing it to hatch; and after hatching, the creature inside learns to talk, walk and play games with the help of the child. Right about now, the egg is hatching.

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Trump’s crew corrupt and incompetent

Betsy DeVos, whom President Donald Trump has nominated as education secretary, doesn’t know basic education terms, doesn’t know about federal statutes governing special education, but thinks school officials should carry guns to defend against grizzly bears.

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Abortion law dangerous

What keeps me up at night is the easily imagined scenario of a young girl from a rural county being raped and impregnated, afraid to say anything until she is well past 20 weeks gestation, required to bear a child she did not choose to create. And even if she was less than 20 weeks pregnant, she has no access to the money needed for a safe, legal abortion. She and the child are condemned to continue the cycle of ignorance and poverty, as the government finds more ways not to be supportive.

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Legislator’s wrong priorities

We were astonished to learn that Rep. Wesley Morgan’s legislative activity thus far has been six bills introduced to benefit the liquor industry, which happens to be his vested business interest. He was elected to represent District 81, not the liquor industry. It is certainly not enough to say that he is doing the same thing as doctors or lawyers who introduce bills that reflect their vocations. They at least serve a wide range of the public, not the narrow interest of drinking consumers.

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Skip coal propaganda

This devoted reader of the Herald Leader since 1968 is upset about the Jan. 2 commentary by Nick Carter of the Kentucky Coal Association, “Kentucky House’s new majority is real friend of coal.”

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Disability claims valid

As one of the attorneys representing the victims of Eric Conn, I take strong exception to former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn’s statement, “But do they meet the qualifications for Social Security Disability? Absolutely not.”

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GOP’s pro-life hypocrisy

It is interesting that Kentucky’s Republicans favor using big government intrusion to destroy one of the most important personal freedoms a person could have, in this case the right of women to control their bodies.

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Broad opposition to zipline

I was offended by Tom Eblen’s Dec. 6 column implying that the Boone Creek zipline was being opposed only by a couple of wealthy neighbors. I live on one of many small parcels of land along Old Richmond Road that have the potential to be affected by his project, which received prelimary approval by the Urban County Council.

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A most dreadful inaugural address

Twenty minutes into his presidency, Donald Trump, who is always claiming to have made, or to be about to make, astonishing history, had done so. Living down to expectations, he had delivered the most dreadful inaugural address in history.


Mitchell, UK players pleased after Auburn win

Matthew Mitchell, Maci Morris and Makayla Epps discuss the Cats' fourth straight victory.
Mitchell, UK players pleased after Auburn win 5:13

Mitchell, UK players pleased after Auburn win

Morehead's Williams on win over EKU, life after Sean Woods 2:20

Morehead's Williams on win over EKU, life after Sean Woods

Calipari: Bam Adebayo should strangle guys 0:31

Calipari: Bam Adebayo should strangle guys

Malik Monk's extra work is paying off 0:49

Malik Monk's extra work is paying off