Letters to the Editor

Clinton reading list

I thought it was funny that the top ten list of non-fiction best sellers in the Aug.7 paper were No. 3 “Hillary’s America”; No. 2 “Crisis of Character”; No. 7. “Between the World and Me”; No. 1 “It Gets Worse”; No. 4 “Armageddon”; and to top it off, No. 9, “Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies.”


Make U.S. great again, go after Al-gebra

Donald Trump and others have called for a ban on Muslims immigrating to the United States, ostensibly because they assume that all Muslims are radicalized Islamic terrorists intent on instituting Sharia law to replace our justice system. Unfortunately, these brave souls are too late to save us from the Islamization of our great nation because the crafty Arab Muslims have already infiltrated our society with something much more insidious that is wreaking havoc on children and any right-thinking red-blooded American: Algebra.

Letters to the Editor

Bible studies

A July 19 letter included the ridiculous statement: “My King James Bible, which all born-again Christians should be using.” The 1611 King James Version is just an updated version of the Scriptures.


ACT scores reinforce need for charter schools

Release of the latest ACT college entrance test results delivered a bitter message concerning the academic performance of Kentucky’s 2016 high school graduates: The state’s racial achievement gaps are not getting better.

Letters to the Editor

Russia’s political meddling

It is troubling to see the Republican presidential candidate say something one day and have to walk it back the next. Isn’t this exactly Hillary Clinton’s point about Donald Trump lacking the temperament to be commander in chief?

Letters to the Editor

Name school for Fredrick Douglass

Naming Lexington’s new high school after abolitionist Frederick Douglass not only would solidify the Fayette school district’s commitment to honor the legacy of local African-American schools closed after segregation, but also would truly honor an American hero and educator who embodied the discipline, courage and vision that we should want to instill in future generations.

Letters to the Editor

Kemper right on bank rules

Many thanks to congressional candidate Nancy Jo Kemper for shining needed light on banking reform. While the topic fails to make headlines in competition with the political season fireworks, it affects all of us when bubbles burst, as in 2008.

Letters to the Editor

Clinton a poor advocate

Hillary Clinton speaking for the middle class and women’s rights is like Jesse James speaking for bank security. God deliver us from her evil designs of more socialism, less freedom, higher taxes, big government and choking anti-business regulations.

Letters to the Editor

City should fix sidewalks

Lexington is the only city I have lived in where the homeowner is required to fix the sidewalks. Even though there is an allotted “reimbursement,” what are our taxes for? Our road has numerous potholes, cracks, drainage issues and resurfacing needs all along it, and it’s been like that since we moved in a year ago. Now, however, the city has decided to come out and spray-paint marks on the sidewalk sections in front of our house that it wants repaired.


Honor Flight Kentucky

Honor Flight Kentucky took 43 veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War to Washington, D.C., to visit the memorials honoring them. Hundreds packed Blue Grass Airport to welcome them home.
Honor Flight Kentucky 1:30

Honor Flight Kentucky

Comair 5191 10th anniversary 2:20

Comair 5191 10th anniversary

Rowan County Pride Festival 1:36

Rowan County Pride Festival

2016 Bluegrass Bowl produces two classics 2:30

2016 Bluegrass Bowl produces two classics