Q. I’m a current subscriber. Why can’t I log in to the eEdition with my normal username and password?

A. Please create an account with Press+. If you are a current subscriber, you do not have to provide any payment information to set up your account. Please continue to the next question for directions on how to register your account.

Q. I'm a current subscriber, how do I register my account?

A. If you’ve not created an account with Press+, please visit Kentucky.com/plus and follow these steps:

1. Select Existing subscriber.

2. Select Digitial Plus for current Print subscribers and eEdition subscribers

3. Create your username (email address) and password. You may use your original username and password or create a new one.

4. Confirm your home address. This is for verification purposes only

5. Receive confirmation that you are signed in. Please disregard “First Bill Date.”

Q. I’m not a subscriber but am interested in a digital only package. How do I sign up?

A. Please visit Kentucky.com/plus, select Digital only then follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a monthly automatic charge or prepay for the year

2. Follow the prompts to create an account and make a payment

Q. I’ve created my Press+ account. How do I access the eEdition?

A. Visit Kentucky.com/eedition and choose Desktop version sign in or Mobile or tablet version sign in depending what device you are using.

If a box comes up (as seen below), please click the Sign in button at the top-right and provide your username and password.

For further issues, please visit http://www.mypressplus.com/readers/carecontact.