Stylishly Merry

Whether you are treating yourself or buying gifts for your loved ones, the holiday season is always a fun time for shopping. Sure the crowds can be overwhelming, but that’s what online shopping is for, right?! For our Harmony edition we wanted to share a few of our favorite things that are getting us into the Christmas spirit. We’ve included pieces that are perfect for an annual Christmas party, celebrating with friends and family, and even a couple gift ideas to add to your very own wish list.


The Power of Pink

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there is no better time to embrace your love for all things pink. Both the fashion and beauty industry have colossally stepped up their involvement over the last few years when it comes to raising both money and awareness for this life-threatening disease. Which is why this month we’re sharing with you some of our favorite things that will be a great addition to your life, and will also help an amazing cause. Each item selected gives a percentage of sales to various charitable breast cancer research organizations.


The secret style of pets

With so many of us being pet owners and animal lovers I don’t think we realize how big of an influence these beautiful creatures have in our lives, specifically our style. Dog moms, cat ladies, bird name it and there is some kind of fashionable merchandise. For our issue dedicated to furry and feathery friends we’re focusing on some of our current favorite items that pay tribute to animals. When it comes to clothing there’s no better way to express your personality than to go for looks that showcase who you are as a person. A dog print dress is perfect for the gal who loves her pups, while a pair of leopard print sneakers are sure to make any cat lady purr with excitement. Since summer is in full swing there is even a variety of animal themed, warm weather products that you won’t want to pass up. Who wouldn’t want to lounge in the pool on a giant golden, inflatable swan? Made popular a few years ago by the ultimate party hostess Taylor Swift, these floats are all the rage. If you’re on the hunt for a cute, fun in the sun dress, flamingos are always a great option. Their pink, girly appeal is a feminine and fabulous way to stay cool while standing out in the crowd.


Bridal bliss

Since this is our Cherish issue, it only seems fitting to focus on bridal season. Whether you’re the bride to be, a member of the wedding party, or simply an attendee, choosing the right thing to wear or what to give as a gift can get a little stressful. With rehearsal dinners, showers, and even the honeymoon, you want to go after dresses that are stylish, but also not so fancy that you are uncomfortable in them. Choosing designs that flow or have a less fitted silhouette are perfect for spring and summer weddings. To accompany a heat preventing airy fit, we also like colors that are soft and in the bridal family. Cool tone blues, soft pinks, and lovely lavenders are all classic choices, and unless you are the bride, try to steer clear of all white looks.

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