The secret style of pets

By Jesse L. Brooks

Contributing Writer

Alice + Olivia Elizabeth Bird Party large clutch $395
Alice + Olivia Elizabeth Bird Party large clutch $395

With so many of us being pet owners and animal lovers I don’t think we realize how big of an influence these beautiful creatures have in our lives, specifically our style. Dog moms, cat ladies, bird name it and there is some kind of fashionable merchandise. For our issue dedicated to furry and feathery friends we’re focusing on some of our current favorite items that pay tribute to animals. When it comes to clothing there’s no better way to express your personality than to go for looks that showcase who you are as a person. A dog print dress is perfect for the gal who loves her pups, while a pair of leopard print sneakers are sure to make any cat lady purr with excitement. Since summer is in full swing there is even a variety of animal themed, warm weather products that you won’t want to pass up. Who wouldn’t want to lounge in the pool on a giant golden, inflatable swan? Made popular a few years ago by the ultimate party hostess Taylor Swift, these floats are all the rage. If you’re on the hunt for a cute, fun in the sun dress, flamingos are always a great option. Their pink, girly appeal is a feminine and fabulous way to stay cool while standing out in the crowd.

We couldn’t cover animal themed items and not showcase a few pieces for our very own pets. For the posh pooch (or kitty), a Louis Vuitton carrier never goes out of style. The great thing about an item like this is it serves double duty. Your fur baby can travel in luxury, all while you are keeping chic by carrying one of the most stylish bags and brands in the world. Everyone’s favorite funny lady, Ellen DeGeneres recently started her own line, ED by Ellen, which is filled with animal adoration. One of our favorite products is her signature ‘love’ bed. Soft and comfy for your pet, while stylish enough to put out in your own living space.

The beauty department is even on the animal bandwagon. Paul & Joe’s cat themed collection offers what might be just the most creative lipstick ever made. The cat head tube, complete with bow tie and top hat is in fact so adorable this might become more of a collector’s item for makeup lovers. You can even amp up your accessories with a touch of animal appreciation. A birds of paradise hand-stitched clutch, spunky bunny drop earrings, and a fancy dressed Italian Greyhound keychain are all top-notch choices.

Whether you’re decorating your home, adding to your closet, or just spoiling your pampered pet, you can’t go wrong with letting your animal lover flag fly.