Look ‘merry and bright’ this holiday season

Karen Millen Red Ruffle Lace Dress $399
Karen Millen Red Ruffle Lace Dress $399

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — which means it’s also time to update your wardrobe for the holiday season.

From parties with family, friends and co-workers, you want to make sure you have all your fashion bases covered. Whether you’re planning a girls’ trip to The Glitz, an evening performance of The Nutcracker, or a stroll through Southern Lights — we have suggestions for every holiday outing on your list.

Dressing appropriately for all occasions while staying in the spirit of the season is key, while keeping in mind that everyone’s style depends on individual personality and taste.

Of course, the glamour girl wants to sparkle, while the minimalist may want something a bit more subtle. If you are someone who loves themes, then you might want to reach a little further out there on the festive scale.

But no matter what you choose, you want to feel comfortable and love what you’re wearing. It’s very easy for holiday style to lean on the hokey side if not done correctly. Just remember, you are not a human Christmas tree. A little bit goes a long way.

For instance, try wearing red or green, rather than both shades at once. And as much as we love to shimmer, keep one piece heavy on the dazzle side. You aren’t a walking ornament after all. If you choose a glittering dress or skirt, keep your styling more on the simple side.

The same applies if you want your outfit to be more subdued, you can easily spice it up with fun accessories. A show-stopping pair of shoes or an eye-catching bag can seriously elevate your look of merriment.

If you aren’t a dress-up kind of girl, you can always go for a sumptuous sweater and stylish boots. We know “ugly sweater” parties are all the rage these days, but we like to keep things more on the chic side.

Find a sweater that doesn’t look like it came from the Clark Griswold collection. A delicate snowflake embroidery surrounded by rich colors that makes you want to sip cocoa by the fire is just the ticket.

If you are a lady who loves to wear black (and don’t we all?), make sure it is something special. A twinkling LBD is an excellent investment because it works on so many occasions. While it can certainly be worn for a Christmas event, you can re-wear it for New Year’s Eve. Yes ladies, you can wear the same dress twice!

The same rules apply for your beauty routine. When hitting up a holiday bash, you want your makeup and hair to be as much a part of your outfit as your clothing.

One of the best ways to spread a little cosmetic cheer is with a pair of beautiful eyes. There is no better time to add a hint of sparkle to your face than at Christmas. A metallic eye shadow is a fabulous way to add a ‘pop’ to your face.

One of the biggest beauty trends of the moment are highlighters. Dusting a twinkling stroke over cheekbones adds an instant jubilant glow.

If you prefer more of a classic matte look, then now is the time for a bold red lip. Keep your skin routine simple and flawless, then flick on a little black liner and a pouty red lip and you are ready to mingle!

To jazz up your holiday hair, headbands are an alternative to wearing jewelry. A beaded or rhinestone hair addition can bring even more luminosity to your face, as well as cheer to your entire look.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite holiday pieces to help build your looks for all the upcoming events in your life. From relaxed to fancy, we have got you covered.

Just remember, these items are not intended to all be worn together. They are a mix of high-end and affordable selections that are perfect to mix-match you into the quintessential merry and bright look!