Gossip Perez Hilton has done blogs, TV, radio – and now a book

Forget hanging out until dawn with celebs behaving badly. Perez Hilton is in bed by 10 every night.

At 30, the self-proclaimed workaholic and hermit has to rest up for all he has going on: his megapopular blog,; syndicated radio show (Radio Perez), TV appearances and, most recently, press rounds for his first book, Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide for Keeping Up With the Hiltons (Celebra, $24.95). In it, the man born Mario Lavandeira does what he does best: dishes bitchy trash on such fixtures as the Beckhams, Madonna and of course, Britney.

We chatted briefly with the L.A.-based star watcher.

Question: Whom did you cover the most in '08?

Answer: Oh, Lindsay Lohan. She's an out-of-control hot mess with no career. She definitely made a lot of headlines when she was down in Miami for New Year's Eve and continues to make headlines. I don't think Samantha Ronson was the best choice of girlfriend. She's a DJ always working in these clubs, and Lindsay went to rehab three times.

Q: Your favorite celeb to write about?

A: That's easy — Britney Spears. I dedicated my book to her. I wish I could have been the one asking her those questions in that documentary (MTV's For the Record). There were so many things they didn't touch on. I would say, “Let's break it down: What drugs were you doing and how often and with who? What did it feel like to be wheeled out on the stretcher? What happened to that shady dude who was your evil Svengali manager?”

Q: Who do you seeing breaking up in the new year?

A: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Where there's smoke, there's fire. They're definitely going through something. They're just postponing the inevitable.

Q: Who is the coolest celeb?

A: Gloria Estefan. (I'm) Cuban, from Miami and gay, (so) Gloria is like royalty to me. She and Emilio are as nice and real as they come. They said my success made them proud. I kind of cried after meeting them.

Q: Who is the hottest celeb right now?

A: I would say Robert Pattinson, or anyone Twilight-related. Any time I mention him or the movie, instantly it becomes one of my most e-mailed posts of the day.

Q: Any predictions on hookups?

A: Hopefully, me. I want some action!