Wanted: Person to sit in parking space and read

ELandF Gallery has an intriguing little project up its sleeve. It is searching for someone to read a book, "a book that has extraordinary meaning to the reader," in a parking space.

The parking space "will be appointed with a nice rug, comfortable chairs and a very small but excellent library," gallery owner Bruce Burris says. It will be at Short Street and North Limestone.

The reading, from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 24, will be part of the gallery's Small Projects Accelerator program, which funds small artist-driven projects. Previous initiatives have included a poetry reading at LexTran's Vine Street station and events mourning the loss of buildings demolished to make way for the CentrePointe project.

For the parking place reading, Burris said the reader can read aloud or silently.

"I'm happy with whatever The Reader wishes to do — out loud or not — though I guess I'd personally enjoy the crowd-pleasing spectacle of someone just reading to their self," Burris said in an e-mail. "I just like the idea of really watching someone read something that you know is important to them. But either way is really great."

The reader will receive a $50 honorarium.

If you'd like to be the reader, apply by April 15 by writing "no more than 100 words on why you might like to read a book that has extraordinary meaning to you in a public parking space." Send it to Only e-mailed submissions will be accepted.