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What’s Ben Sollee’s favorite type of cello, and where does he get them?

Ben Sollee likes finding old Kay cellos and fixing them up.
Ben Sollee likes finding old Kay cellos and fixing them up. 2012 Herald-Leader file photo

Ben Sollee has brought a non-traditional instrument into the world of pop and folk music with his cello. While there is a lot out there about what guitars, drums and such rock musicians use, cello is a bit more of a mystery.

If you ever wondered what kind of cellos Sollee likes to play and how he gets them, he offered some answers in a video he posted on Facebook Friday afternoon. Apparently he has an affection for old Kay cellos, which a Google search reveals isn’t exactly Stradivarius, but they apparently do the job for the Lexington native and Louisville resident. (This may help explain why he’s cool hitching the cello up to the back of his bicycle.) Click play for a snappy video visit to a Louisville music store that is on notice to look out for Kays for Sollee.

Sollee is taking some time off the be a dad following the birth of his daughter. He has a series of western and west coast tour dates set between Thanksgiving and Christmas supporting his new album, “Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native.”

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