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Carmike 10 becomes AMC Classic, with first-run flicks at a discount

First-run movie posters with showtimes at the AMC Classic Lexington 10 on Man O’ War Boulevard and Mapleleaf Drive.
First-run movie posters with showtimes at the AMC Classic Lexington 10 on Man O’ War Boulevard and Mapleleaf Drive.

The long-running Carmike 10 second-run, discount movie theater at Mapleleaf Drive and Man O’War Boulevard in Lexington has become a first-run house with discounted prices under new owners, AMC Theatres.

The theater was re-named the AMC Classic Lexington 10 the week of July 17, according to an AMC spokesperson, and now features current titles such as “Dunkirk” and “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

The move means Lexington no longer has a dollar theater (though prices had actually gone up to $2 at Carmike) showing second-run movies, as the Carmike was Lexington’s last discount house.

But it does mean consumers who want to see new movies at a cheaper price without frills like dining, stadium seating, reserved seats and premium presentations have an option. For instance, an adult ticket to a Tuesday evening showing of “Dunkirk” was $6.99 at the AMC Classic, while it was $11.70 at the nearby Regal Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16. Prices run higher for showings in formats such as 3D and premium sound and projection at Hamburg and other area theaters such as the Cinemark Fayette Mall and XD. Afternoon tickets at the AMC theater were $4.99 for adults.

“AMC is providing guests in the Lexington area the opportunity to see new movies as soon as they are released, while still offering low prices every day,” AMC spokesperson Kimberly Sanden said in an email. “We made this change to respond to the needs of the market.”

AMC acquired Carmike in December 2016 in a $1.1 billion deal that, according to the company, made AMC the largest theater exhibitor in the United States and the world, with 661 theaters and more than 8,200 screens in the country. The Mapleleaf Drive theater is AMC’s only theater in Lexington, and Sanden said the company does not currently have plans to expand in the Lexington market.

AMC has also converted discount theaters in other markets into AMC Classic cinemas, which the company describes on its website as “the classic movie theatre experience!” Among features it advertises to members of its Stubs club, which has a free level and annual $15 premium level, are $5 tickets on Tuesdays and free popcorn refills. Other chains have similar membership and discount programs.

As of Tuesday, the Mapleleaf Drive theater still sported Carmike signs out front. The company did not say if and when there would be physical changes and improvements to the property.

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