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'The Green Inferno': Too much gore, not nearly enough scares

Director Eli Roth's latest effort, The Green Inferno, is a flop of a horror film that overestimates gore for actual scares.

The first half of Inferno is a dull eco drama in which a university freshman links up with a group of activists headed to the Amazon rainforest to live-stream and shame developers who are threatening the land of an ancient tribe.

When the students' plane crashes in the jungle — with them outfitted in "biogas" jumpsuits to infiltrate the work site — it's time for the horror to begin. The indigenous Amazonian tribe, mistaking them for developers, hauls them back to their village for a barbecue, in which they are the main course.

What follows isn't so much scary as it just is unwatchable. You're either going to be able to watch bodies torn limb from limb, roasted, and happily feasted on or you're not; that's for you to decide. Regardless, the proceedings are a grim drudgery without an ounce of suspense.