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Kid-friendly movies offer something for everyone in 2010

Movies have long been the easy answer to every parent's favorite question: "What do we do with the kids this weekend?"

Hollywood knows that, and there are lots of all-ages-friendly titles in 2010 — animation, an epic, cute talking critters and wimpy kids. So get out your calendars and plan the custody weekends. Remember to recycle your 3-D glasses, and that there's no use praying that a Cats & Dogs sequel won't be in your future.

Feb. 12: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: Rick Riordan's fantasy novels are given the Chris (Harry Potter) Columbus treatment in what could be the first film in a series, starring Logan Lerman.

March 5: Alice in Wonderland: Johnny Depp is "as mad as a hatter" in Tim Burton's fantastical 3-D treatment of Alice's adventures through the looking glass.

March 26: How to Train Your Dragon 3D: This is an animated version of Cressida Cowell's book about a Viking lad who trains a dragon to be fierce.

April 2: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Jeff Kinney's books about a self-described middle school "wimp" comes to the big screen with Zachary Gordon in the title role.

April 2: Furry Vengeance: When Ken Jeong and Brendan Fraser put their development on a nature preserve, nature fights back in this animals-behaving-badly farce.

April 22: Oceans: Disney's newest nature documentary is about the wonders of the world's imperiled oceans.

May 21: Shrek Forever After: Rumpelstiltskin helps Shrek find his inner ogre and see what life would be like without the fair Fiona in this 3-D toon.

June 4: Marmaduke: Owen Wilson is the voice of the dog in this comedy based on the newspaper comic.

June 11: The Karate Kid: Will and Jada's son, Jaden Smith, has the title role in this remake, with Jackie Chan as the new kid's new mentor, Mr. Han.

June 18: Toy Story 3: Woody and the gang have been donated to a pre-school in this 3-D animated sequel.

July 9: Despicable Me: Steve Carell voices the villain in this animated comedy about orphans who try to foil plans to steal the moon.

July 30: Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore: More talking-dog secret agents battling super-villain cats.

Aug. 13: Ramona and Beezus: Joey King and Selena Gomez star in this adaptation of Beverly Cleary's novels about a pest of a little sister.

Nov. 5: Megamind: This 3-D animated comedy is about an evil genius (voiced by Will Ferrell) whose world is turned upside down when he accidentally kills his superhero nemesis (Brad Pitt).

Nov. 12: Rapunzel: A hairy animated Disney princess tale, in 3-D. Wide release is Thanksgiving week.

Nov. 19: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: Harry's exit from the fantasy film stage is split into two parts, beginning with this one.

Dec. 10: The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Can Fox and a "name" director (Michael Apted) breathe new life into the fantasy series based on the C.S. Lewis novels?

Dec. 17: Yogi Bear: Dan Aykroyd voices a Mr. "Smarter Than Your Average Bear" in this mix of animation and live action.