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A parents' guide to select new movies:

'Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore'

Rating: PG for animal action and humor

What it's about: Dogs spying on cats, cats trying to rule the world. The usual.

The kid attractor factor: Cats and dogs talking, using spy gadgets

Good lessons/bad lessons: Dogs heroic, cats evil. Well, not all cats.

Violence: Slapstick

Language: Doggone clean

Sex: Butt sniffing

Drugs: None

Parents' advisory: Harmless enough, this talking-critters comedy aims for the very youngest demographic.

'Charlie St. Cloud'

Rating: PG-13 for language, including some sexual references, an intense accident scene and some sensuality

What it's about: A young man loses his kid brother, but stays in touch with the kid's ghost as he tries to meet a girl and move on in life.

The kid attractor factor: Zac Efron, not singing or dancing this time

Good lessons/bad lessons: "You can't put life on hold. It doesn't wait for you."

Violence: An accident, a fist fight

Language: About a dozen swear words

Sex: Implied, with a goofy tween masturbation joke

Drugs: Wine, liquor.

Parents' advisory: This young-adult romance hits that PG-13 in the bull's-eye — suitable for 13 and up.