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Family reviews: 'Going the Distance,' 'Machete'

A parents' guide to select new movies:

'Going the Distance'

Rating: R for sexual content including dialogue, language throughout, some drug use and brief nudity

What it's about: A young couple, kept apart by the tough job market, struggle to make a long-distance romance work.

The Kid Attractor Factor: Drew and Justin. Justin and Drew.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Long-distance romances can't last forever.

Violence: None

Language: Quite a bit of profanity

Sex: Yes, just explicit enough to count

Drugs and alcohol: Pot and alcohol

Parents' advisory: These two aren't teens any more. This is an adult romance with juvenile touches.


Rating: R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity

What it's about: An illegal immigrant on the run from drug lords finds himself hunted by people on both sides of the border.

The Kid Attractor Factor: It's pure exploitation, with over-the-top violence, sex and gore. Think Piranha without the fish or the 3D.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Some folks stirring up the immigration debate might be doing it for political or racial reasons.

Violence: Almost constant, much of it involving hacking bodies with a big blade

Language: Profanity

Sex: Lots of nudity, no explicit sex scenes

Drugs and alcohol: Surprisingly, none

Parents' advisory: This aims at older teens who can get into R-rated movies, and if they're old enough to get the joke, it won't scar them for life.

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