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Family reviews: 'True Grit,' 'How Do You Know'

Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) and George (Paul Rudd) meet on their worst day ever.
Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) and George (Paul Rudd) meet on their worst day ever.

A parents' guide to select new movies:

'True Grit'

Rating: PG-13 for some intense sequences of Western violence including disturbing images.

What it's about: A teenager hires a marshal to hunt down her daddy's killer.

The Kid Attractor Factor: Horses, shoot-outs, a smart-aleck if humorless 14-year-old.

Good lessons/bad lessons: "You must pay for everything in this world, one way or another."

Violence: Shootings, stabbings, a snake attack.

Language: A little Old West profanity, here and there.

Sex: Blessedly chaste in this regard, save for Matt Damon flirting.

Drugs and alcohol: Whiskey is consumed in copious quantities.

Parents' advisory: The tone is different from the John Wayne movie that parents will remember, but it's still kid-friendly, if occasionally violent. OK for 10 and older.

'How Do You Know'

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and some strong language.

What it's about: An athlete faces the end of her career and tries to catch up on the romance that she has missed.

The Kid Attractor Factor: Reese Witherspoon, left, the always funny Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd.

Good lessons/bad lessons: "Figure out what you want, and learn how to ask for it."

Violence: None.

Language: They had to edit down the profanity and barely qualified for PG-13.

Sex: Nothing graphic.

Drugs and alcohol: A drunk scene.

Parents' advisory: Pretty adult in theme and subject matter, but OK for 13 and older.

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