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The Kentucky at 90: End credits and a proposal

Former Herald-Leader staffers Todd Pack and Marcy Rivinius have a particularly important memory of The Kentucky Theatre. They shared this story.

Marcy Rivinius had no inkling what role The Kentucky Theatre would play in her life and memories.

When the 26-year-old Lexington woman's boyfriend asked her to accompany him to the Woody Allen romantic comedy Mighty Aphrodite, she didn't think anything of it. After all, they had gone to many movies at the theater throughout their three-year courtship. Their first date had been at the theater to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But Todd Pack, 30, had something up his sleeve — almost literally — that day in February 1996. He had picked the third anniversary of their first date to ask Marcy something important.

"I almost ruined the surprise by reaching into his shirt pocket, looking for my gummy bears," Marcy said. "He pushed my hand away, but I still had no inkling."

After the movie was over, Marcy started to stand up, but Todd urged her to stay seated during the credits. "That wasn't unusual — Todd's a real movie buff, so he often likes to watch the credits — and I still didn't have a clue that my life was about to change."

When most of the other moviegoers had filed out, Todd turned to Marcy and proposed.

"I can't remember my exact reply, but I know it included, 'Of course!'" she said. "We hugged and kissed, and wondered if anyone around us even knew what was going on."

It was a great private moment for a couple who didn't like a lot of public attention.

"Todd's not the type that would propose on a Jumbotron at a game," Marcy said. "He's also a history buff who has always treasured the theater's significance in the community.

"When we walked out to the parking garage, that's when it really hit me. I remember the exact second that it sunk in that we were truly getting married."

The couple married later that year, on Sept. 28, and visited the theater often until they moved to Florida in 1997.

Two children and two moves later, the couple live outside Nashville and celebrated their 16th anniversary Friday with daughter Alison, 12, and son Owen, 6. They frequently travel to the Bluegrass area to visit family.