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Actor Crispin Glover to be guest speaker at Harry Dean Stanton festival

Actor Crispin Glover will take part in a Q&A after the screening of Wild at Heart on Thursday.
Actor Crispin Glover will take part in a Q&A after the screening of Wild at Heart on Thursday. AP

Some actors portray interesting characters on screen. Others prove to be intriguing characters away from the set.

Throughout his career, Crispin Glover has been both.

The 48-year-old actor has spent more than 30 years in the business making a name for himself playing guys with some major quirks and tics, whether it's as George McFly in Back to the Future (1985) or iconic artist Andy Warhol in The Doors.

Now, Glover will make an appearance to show his appreciation for another great character actor, Kentucky's own Harry Dean Stanton. He will be the special guest speaker at the third annual Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival kicks off with a screening of the 1990 David Lynch classic Wild at Heart Thursday night at the Kentucky Theatre.

As co-director for the Lexington Film League, Lucy Jones said Glover has been on the Stanton Fest's wish list of possible guest speakers for years. Many of the festival's attendees hoped to see some of Stanton's work with eccentric director David Lynch screened at the event. One of the most requested of those films was Wild at Heart, a crime drama about a young couple, Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern), on the run from North Carolina to California.

Stanton and Glover were co-stars in Wild at Heart, with Stanton playing private detective Johnnie Farragut and Glover played Lulu's mentally ill cousin, Dell, who has a penchant for shoving cockroaches down his pants.

"I think it's a tour de force," said Jones of Glover's performance. "He's only on the screen for a couple of minutes, but I think it's the most memorable part of the film for a lot of people."

Glover also worked with Stanton on two other projects: The 1989 comedy Twister (a tornado flick, but not the 1996 Helen Hunt tornado flick) and the Lynch-directed HBO original series Hotel Room in 1993. Through the time they spent together, Glover became quite fond of Stanton both on and off screen.

"He loves Harry," Jones said. "He's told me he's the only person who's allowed to smoke in his house."

Following the screening of Wild at Heart, Glover will have a moderated Q&A and will take questions from the audience. This could prove to be quite entertaining, since Glover's past interviews have given him another layer of fame and notoriety.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, people can experience Glover's memorable talk show appearances through the decades.

Sheila Kenny, marketing director for the Lexington Center, was the publicist for the 1986 independent film A River's Edge, in which Glover co-starred. She was a key part in booking some of Glover's most memorable appearances, whether it was his delightfully nervous interview on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson or an unforgettably zany guest spot on Late Night with David Letterman, where he nearly kicked the talk show host in the face in a pair of platform shoes.

"He kind of put on this act that was freaking Letterman out," Kenny said. "That's the thing about him. He's the sweetest person and he's also this very creative artist. It went a little haywire, I guess. It was a night I'll never forget watching."

Glover's guest appearance and the screening of Wild at Heart is one of several events that will be featured at the Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival, May 30 through June 2.


Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival

What: Four days of films and events celebrating the West Irvine native.


May 30: Wild at Heart (1990) screening with special guest Crispin Glover. 8 p.m. Kentucky Theatre. $10.

May 31: Red Dawn (1984) at Fountain Films on Friday. Dusk. Triangle Park. Free.

June 1: Ride in the Whirlwind (1965) 2 p.m. Natasha's Bistro and Bar. Free.

June 1: The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968) followed by a mod-era dance party with Palisades and members of Big Fresh. 10 p.m. The Green Lantern. $5.

June 2: Partly Fiction (2013), pre-release screening of new Harry Dean Stanton documentary followed by panel discussion with family and friends. 2 p.m. Farish Theater at the Central Library. $5.

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