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Album review: CSS




More refined but no less sassy and party-starting than their giddy 2006 debut, Cansei de Ser Sexy, CSS' sophomore showing ought to earn the patchy Brazilian troupe a bit more respect. The 1980s-inspired swoon of Rat Is Dead (Rage) is a first-spin winner, whereas the buzzing numbers How I Became Paranoid and Believe Achieve will make sure the dance floor doesn't feel neglected. These English-singing boys and girls have struck upon the reliable formula of spiking rubbery electro-pop with pointed indie-rock guitar hooks and playful sing-alongs. It's to their considerable credit that the result plays like inspiration and not architecture, even if there's nothing here as naughty as the last album's Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, which so memorably lit up an iPod commercial.

Doug Wallen, The Philadelphia Inquirer