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There’ll be no shortage of front-row seats 
for Jonas Brothers — if you can afford one

Many pre-teen and teenage girls would give anything to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. But in a faltering economy, Mom and Dad might not be so quick to open their wallets.

That's precisely what they will need to do, though, to buy tickets, which go on sale to the public at 10 a.m. Saturday, for the band's Aug. 23 concert at Rupp Arena in Lexington. All seats on the floor and most of the lower arena are $89.50. As the seats get farther from the stage, prices drop in $20 increments. The cheapest seats, in the back of the upper arena, are $29.50.

But who wants to see Nick, Joe and Kevin looking no bigger than ants?

The subject of the ticket price came up in a teleconference with the band last week when a reporter pointed out the $89.50 was nearly twice what the band had charged the last time it toured.

"With the staging on this tour, we really wanted to do this in-the-round so that it adds way more top-selling tickets in the sense that it's in the front row and up close," Kevin Jonas said. "The stage is built in a way that it's going from 140 feet from point A to point B all the way across the arena, and it's in-the-round.

"So there's not just one row of 20 seats that are in the front row. They are over the entire bottom half of the arena, plus the upper deck is essentially a front-row ticket."

Pressed to address the ticket price in light of the economy, Nick Jonas told the reporter, "Sir, I think you've asked your follow-up question. We'd like to move on. Thank you very much."

The Jonas Brothers' ticket price isn't breaking any Rupp records.

In 2001, U2 charged $135 for the most expensive seats on its tour. Two years later, Alabama charged $1,000 for some seats on its farewell tour.

The last time the Jonas Brothers came through Rupp, they opened the Dec. 12, 2007, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus show. Tickets for that concert were $26 to $55 at face value, but they were showing up on eBay and online ticket sellers for more than $1,000 each.

As of Tuesday afternoon, tickets for the Rupp show, apparently purchased through fan club pre-sales, were being hawked on ticket sites for up to $900.

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