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Album review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's Blitz!, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' third full-length album, follows up from the punkish stylings of 2003's Fever to Tell and 2006's meaty rock Show Your Bones with synthesizer, not guitar, at the forefront.

And the first single, Heads Will Roll, is just the kind of dance-rock tune one can picture pumped through the speakers of an indie club.

Does that make the album as punchy, feisty and memorable as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' other two? Not at all, but it does signal a shift for the band, with a maturation necessary for any musical act.

Co-produced by David Andrew Sitek, whose group TV on the Radio has brought back electricity to New York rock, It's Blitz! combines an 1980s New Order dance flair with touches of vulnerability.

O still yelps and sings with conviction. Nick Zinner, even when replacing his fuzzed-out guitar with keyboards, creates dark momentum.

It's O's quieter moments, though, that highlight her humanity and range.

Dragon Queen has a great Talking Heads vibe, with hand claps and staccato guitar complementing O's New Wave croon and backing vocals from TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe.