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Front-row Jonas Brothers hit Rupp Arena

Jonas Brothers fan, as far as the guys are concerned, it's all about you.

The songs, the tour, the movies, the TV show, everything they do, they do for you.

And you're why, when the Bros. play Rupp Arena on Sunday night, so many of you will have a front-row seat.

"We really wanted to do this in the round so that it adds way more top-selling tickets in the sense that it's in the front row and up close," Kevin Jonas said during a teleconference before the start of the tour. "The stage is built in a way that it's going 140 feet from point A to point B all the way across the arena, and it's in the round. So there's not just one row of 20 seats that are in the front row. They are over the entire bottom half of the arena, plus the upper deck is essentially a front-row ticket."

Said Brother Nick: "It's a way for us to really connect with our fans, something that's very important and personal to all of us. And so there are more front-row seats now, and there's more of a real genuine connection with each and every person in the arena"

Connecting with the fans was something the trio had in mind the last time it played Rupp, opening for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

"I think the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus tour, being our first arena tour, was a big learning experience for us," Nick said. "It kind of showed us that you really have to play to the last person in the arena and make them feel just as much a part of a show as the person in the front row."

If a Jonas Brothers show seems like a more recent experience than December 2007, that might be because you saw the band's movie, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience earlier this year.

"The concert film was not even about the box office for us," Joe Jonas says. "It was more about just the fans. This was a gift to the fans and this is our way of thanking them."

Kevin says, "That was our last tour. This is an all-new tour with all-new songs, all-new production, a whole new stage."

Staying in touch with fans can get to be more difficult as you acquire more of them and play bigger and bigger shows. But the guys still say that they make a point of holding meet-and-greets and other events on the road.

After all, the fans are the ones who will keep them in the spotlight.

Asked whether they expect to have a longer shelf life than other boy bands, Joe joked, "What people don't really understand is that we secretly are over the age of 40 and so we've already lived through our shelf-life time, so we're pretty much just going back and trying to reinvent ourselves."

But seriously, JoBro fans, they have faith you'll stick with them.

"We're doing what we love and we know that our fans will grow up with us," Nick said. "And although this has been said before, we believe in our fans and believe in their commitment and their loyalty to us, and we appreciate that."

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