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CD Review: Colbie Caillat, 'Breakthrough'

Colbie Caillat

Breakthrough | 

With her second full-length record, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat proves that there is something in the Southern California water she's been drinking most of her life.

Malibu-born Caillat makes music that is a close cousin to that of Santa Barbara's Jack Johnson. These sunny, inoffensive songs are born on acoustic guitar and then fleshed out to something more suitable for radio. The lyrics speak of love and friendship. It's music for the beach, the cabana, the pool. And that relaxing quality is why Caillat was such a breakthrough in 2007 with the MySpace hit Bubbly.

Breakthrough is a natural follow to her debut, Coco.Catchy songs like Rainbow and the title track are breezy and light and, yes, a little bit ridiculous. As Caillat writes in her liner notes: "Music is for you to listen to and forget about your worries." And her songs — including the current radio hit Fallin' for You — do indeed make for somewhat mindless listening.

Ricardo Baca, The Denver Post