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Chocolate Holler to offer drinkable chocolate and upscale treats

The folks behind A Cup of Common Wealth in downtown Lexington are about to launch a new venture called Chocolate Holler on Old East Vine Street.

The new shop, which will open in early February, will offer espresso, drinkable chocolate and upscale sweet treats, according to Cup of Common Wealth marketing director Allen Warford.

The shop is next door to Wines on Vine.

“We are very much in the building and construction process,” Warford said.

A “painting party” was held at the shop location on Friday afternoon. Nearby are walnut slabs from Midway waiting to be made into tables and a counter. Some furnishings will come from the soon-to-close Morris Book Shop.

Warford said that the coffee industry and the chocolate industry share some similarities.

“We always are looking to see what ways we can grow Lexington,” Warford said. “The brewery and ice cream scene has been done really well.”

Warford said a chocolate shop had been in the business plan since A Cup of Common Wealth launched in 2013.

The drinking chocolates will be varied and unlike standard hot chocolate, which is made with powdered mixes. Drinking chocolate is made with more sophisticated ingredients and evokes various taste notes, like a good wine, Warford said. The drinking chocolates will be priced at a level similar to a mixed coffee drink.

Chocolate Holler will also offer goods such as brownies, cookies, truffles and mousse, he said. Gelato and ice cream will also be available from local suppliers.

A Cup of Common Wealth on Eastern Avenue expanded in 2016, when owner Salvador Sanchez opened Common Wealth Mercantile at 383 East Main, on the corner of Eastern. The addition provided overflow seating for the coffee shop as well as packaged coffee, tea, specialty chocolate, housewares and spices.

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