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Is Lexington really celebrating Calzone Week? Well ...

How to make calzones

Pizza dough might just have a higher calling: calzones. Melissa Clark demonstrates how to make them at home.
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Pizza dough might just have a higher calling: calzones. Melissa Clark demonstrates how to make them at home.

Did you love Lexington Burger Week? Barely survive Lexington Eats Week? Well, hang onto your napkins, because now it’s Lexington Calzone Week. Sort of.

A social media campaign touting a tongue-in-cheek “five-day celebration of savory pastries” began popping up late last week.

It’s the brainchild of people who just love dough and tomato sauce: Lexington resident Steven Hayes, known as Asian Steev on social media, and his friend, Summer Smith, who threw a website together and made it happen.

The site even spoofs the “rules” of Lexington Burger Week, such as “They will not run out. Nobody knows this is happening and nobody ever orders calzones.”

But it does have a hashtag, #LexingtonCalzoneWeek, and a Facebook page, which makes it as real as anything else on social media.

Hayes, who was the Kentuckian behind the “Y’allifier” (a Google Chrome extension that would insert “y’all” where y’all would think it appropriate) said that when he started putting the website together, he discovered a lot more calzone-friendly places in Lexington than he even dreamed existed, including Bellacino’s, Big City Pizza, Brick Oven, The Bridge Pizza, Brooklyn, Chino’s DaDa, Eiffel, Giovanni’s, Goodfellas, Grimaldi’s, Jet’s, Mad Mushroom, Mancino’s, Mellow Mushroom, Old Chicago, Pazzo’s, Puccini’s, Roma’s, Smashing Tomato, Sunrise and West Coast. Now he hopes the dining event will help put more of them on the culinary map.

“Calzone Week has been a blast so far. Our big goals were to eat delicious calzones, make lots of jokes and help people discover local restaurants. With respect to those goals, we’re killing it,” Hayes said Monday night by email while waiting for his third calzone. His latest find? Chino’s Dada. “Have you heard of this place? Chinese takeout with pizza. They have pizza topped with Chinese food. It’s amazing!”

So, if it seems that a surprising number of people are eating and tweeting about calzones this week, they might be participating in Calzone Week, which allegedly runs from Aug. 7 to 11 but isn’t exactly officially sanctioned by culinary gurus.

Because, unlike many other themed dining weeks, this one seems to be a mystery to Lexington restaurants. “Do the restaurants even know this is happening? Not as such, no,” according to the site.

But don’t let that stop you if you want to have a calzone and put it on social media.

WKYT weatherman Chris Bailey joins Janet Patton and Sally Scherer of LexGo Eat at the downtown Shakespeare and Company restaurant to try the Char Crossed Lovers burger for Lexington Burger Week.