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Fight winter a cup at a time: Is your favorite soup on our list?

Good Foods Co-op on Southland Avenue has four house-made hot soups every day, including two vegetarian. A staple: chicken soup with rice, perfect with a mini cornbread loaf.
Good Foods Co-op on Southland Avenue has four house-made hot soups every day, including two vegetarian. A staple: chicken soup with rice, perfect with a mini cornbread loaf. Herald-Leader staff file photo

Need a sure-fire way to warm up on a cold day? Try a bowl of soup. Here are some places to try.

▪  Good Foods Co-op, 455 Southland Drive, has four house-made soups daily, including two that are vegetarian. They often have a vegan option, too. And get some jalapeño cornbread to go with it.

▪  Wilson’s Grocery and Meat, 1010 Cramer Avenue, is a neighborhood place that has great chili, beef stew, and ham and bean soup — “that’s the one we’re known for” — every day for only $2.99 a bowl.

▪  Winchell’s, 348 Southland Drive, is known for doing lots of things right, and the white bean soup should be one of them, according to my sources in the Herald-Leader photo department, which always knows where to find good food.

▪  Local’s, 701 National Avenue, also has great soups. Ask for the jalapeño butternut squash soup, my photo source says.

▪  Missy’s, 502 East High Street. Yes, the pie shop. Check out the chicken and dumpling soup, which also is available at any Ramsey’s Diner by the bowl or at Ramsey’s Country Store, 3090 Helmsdale Place, by the quart in a to-go container for less than $6. Missy’s also has veggie veg soup and soups of the day, including cream of broccoli or loaded potato.

▪  Sahara, 3061 Fieldstone Way, has a lentil soup that people come back for time and again. As does Stella’s Kentucky Deli, 143 Jefferson Street, and Oasis, 837 Chevy Chase Place, which has the soup with the lunch buffet. Stella’s also does a mean tomato bisque.

▪  The MouseTrap, 3323 Tates Creek Road, has a rotation of three great soups such as the hearty beef and barley or creamy wild mushroom.

▪  Greentree Tea Room, 521 West Short Street, is the kind of place you take out-of-town guests to impress, with a luncheon tea that always includes a soup. Greentree’s lobster bisque was cited as a favorite of one Herald-Leader columnist. The menu changes monthly, so you have to pay attention. For January, the menu includes a rich and creamy corn chowder.

▪  Dad’s Favorites Deli, in Blue Stallion Brewery at 610 West Third Street, has soups and sandwiches. Several Herald-Leader folk recommended Dad’s potato, the chili and the Mexican corn chowder.

▪  Courtyard Deli, 351 Church Street, is known for its house-made soups (as many as eight, including chili, on the menu at a time) with different specials daily. Chef Krissy Fraser has won contests with her mushroom and crab bisque, a favorite of the many lawyers and judges who frequent this spot.

▪  Distilled at Gratz Park, 120 West Second Street, has seasonal soups. For winter, it’s maple butternut squash soup, apple, spiced pecans and allspice crema. Yum.

distilled maple butternut
For winter, Distilled at Gratz Park is serving maple butternut squash soup with apple, spiced pecans and allspice crema. Photo provided

▪  Whole Foods, 4059 Finn Way, has a whole soup bar. If you can’t find something you like there, you’re not trying.

▪  The Soup Kitchen, 376 Southland Drive, has a rotating lineup of soups, including chili, vegetarian vegetable, and many more.

▪  Pho BC, 171 West Lowry Lane. Pho, pronounced ‘fuh,’ is Vietnamese noodle soup, and according to one Herald-Leader columnist, this place has her favorite. She loves the brisket soup, which comes in a “huge” container, enough for a couple of meals.

▪  Atomic Ramen, The Barn at The Summit at Fritz Farm, has brothy, noodle-y traditional (and untraditional) ramen bowls with names like Robot Chicken.

▪  Wine + Market, 486 West Second Street, has hot soups as well as wine. Says owner Seth Brewer: “When we are out of the tomato and dill soup at Wine+Market, people turn around and walk out. No joke.”

▪  Minton’s, 760 North Limestone, has a great tomato bisque with sourdough croutons, always on the menu, plus others on and off.

▪  Suggins, 345 Romany Road, has great chili, as does Sawyer’s, 325 East Main Street.

▪  Honeywood, 110 Summit at Fritz Farm, has soup beans, a Southern tradition.

▪  Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen, five restaurants, has seasonal soups including (vegan) pumpkin bisque, white chicken chili, creamy tomato and sausage, kale and potato.

▪  Ted’s Montana Grill, 2304 Sir Barton Way, has a rotating lineup, including New England clam chowder and chicken tortilla.

▪  Athenian Grill, 115 North Locust Hill Drive, 313 South Ashland Avenue and The Barn at The Summit at Fritz Farm, has delicious avegolemono soup, a traditional Greek soup with chicken broth, lemon and egg.

▪  CoreLife Eatery, 4040 Finn Way, has bone broth bowls and healthy soups galore.

▪  Wallace Station, 3854 Old Frankfor Pike, sells a lot of its chicken and mushroom soup, available all day after 11 a.m.

▪  Smithtown Seafood, at The Barn at The Summit and at 501 West Sixth Street, has house-made clam chowder all day, every day.