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The New York Times just wrote about Lexington again. Here’s what it had to say.

Honeywood by Ouita Michel launched shortly after the sneak preview of The Summit in April, 2017.
Honeywood by Ouita Michel launched shortly after the sneak preview of The Summit in April, 2017.

If it’s a little more crowded at your favorite local haunts, blame The New York Times.

The paper’s Travel section touted Lexington in an article published online Wednesday and set for its Sunday print edition: “In Lexington, Selfies with American Pharoah, Then ‘Bourbon and Branch.’

This isn’t the first time Bluegrass has made the Travel section, but the latest piece, by Elaine Glusac, includes a lot of the places that Lexingtonians hold dear. And think of as their own. And maybe don’t want to have to share.

Those are places such as Keeneland, which the Times refers to as “the intimate alternative” to Churchill Downs, highlighting “the hospitable practice of welcoming fans behind the scenes, from morning training sessions to the backside barns.”

Historic distilleries Woodford Reserve, Castle & Key and James E. Pepper Distillery are glowingly described.

See photos of the decrepit state of the Taylor Distillery Company before renovations to become the new Castle & Key Distillery.

Top Bluegrass horse farms including Godolpin at Jonabell, Claiborne, Mill Ridge, and Coolmore’s Ashford Stud, home of Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify, also get a mention.

And “locovore restaurants and whiskey distillery revivals” also made the piece.

Chef Ouita Michel, known for her Holly Hill Inn and now Honeywood, remembers that Lexington was once known more for fast food (birthplace of Fazoli’s and Long John Silver’s) than farm-to-table.

Now, the Times noted, you have places like Middle Fork Kitchen Bar slinging “housemade sausages, daily-special cuts of lamb and mash-ups like low country okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes)” in the hip Lexington Distillery District.

Nothing draws foodies like culinary mashups; after this piece, the place will be swarming.

Better get to Keeneland, Castle & Key and Middle Fork before they show up.

Honeywood is the most recent addition to Chef Ouita Michel’s ever-growing restaurant chain. It's also her first venture into a suburban shopping mall.