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It’s National Donut Day. Here are the tasty ways Lexington bakeries are celebrating

National Donut Day is upon us today, and chains Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts will of course honor the day, but Lexington’s local shops also have some plans and preparations for the doughy, sweet holiday.

North Lime Coffee & Donuts

Donuts on display at North Lime Coffee & Donuts. Ryan C. Hermens

At their two locations, one off Clays Mill and the other on North Limestone, they will offer serving their special “Sprinkle ‘Splosion” donut, which is a glazed, cake donut with sprinkles in it. As their donut day deal, the specialty donut will cost $.75.

They will also be doing free dozen giveaways, putting stickers on boxes randomly, and if your box has a sticker, your dozen is free.

They will also be serving their three most popular, “fan favorites,” which include the blueberry glazed, blackberry filled and french toast. These will be served at regular prices. On Fridays the shop serves gluten-free donuts which they intend to keep for the day.

“With those we are just sort of saying thank you to our customers,” Shift Manager Mike Dittert said. “It’s just a way to say, ‘Hey, we know you like these donuts a lot and we appreciate you all.’”

Eric Zarycki turns donuts in the fryer at Magee’s Bakery. Matt Goins 2015 file photo

Magee’s Bakery

Another popular Lexington donut spot located off Main Street, Magee’s Bakery will be giving away free gift cards — but you have to use your noggin to get it.

The bakery, family-owned and operated since 1956 and known for their glazed donut and thick chocolate icing, will give the first 100 customers in the store a chance to answer a mystery question. The question will be posted inside the bakery. If you are part of the first 100, and able to answer the question with no phones or devices, Magee’s will provide you with a gift card.

“We are keeping it to the first 100 people because it’s a pretty big dollar amount we are giving away,” co-owner Beverly Higgins said.

Spalding’s Bakery hand-cut donuts have been a Lexington favorite for more than 80 years. The recipe for its dough or honey glaze is a family secret. Tom Eblen

Spalding’s Bakery

Located off Winchester Road, Spalding’s Bakery has been up and running since 1929, with donuts making up about 75 percent of their business. The donut shop that normally has a line out the door is preparing for the crowd they are likely going to get on National Donut Day. Owner Martha Edwards son, Robert, said the fan favorite at their shop is of course their famous old fashioned glazed, which they will be making extra of. They intend to make extra of all their other donuts as well.

“We’re going to keep cuttin’ them and keep fryin’ them until people stop buyin’ them,” Robert said.

Donut Day’s most popular donut, plain glazed. Annie Garau 2014 staff file photo

Donut Days Bakery

Three times more donuts than a normal day will be made at Donut Days located off Southland Drive, according to manager Robin Murphy. Expect plenty of their top-sellers, glazed and chocolate donuts.


Doughdaddy’s Doughnuts are located a little further down Versailles Road, but plenty of people from Lexington make the drive for their popular apple fritter or cinnamon buns. In honor of National Donut Day, they will be offering $2 off any dozen of donuts.

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