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Doughnuts to your doorstep. Krispy Kreme now offering delivery in Lexington.

Picture the perfect morning. You sleep in on a Saturday morning. As you awaken, you turn on your coffee maker. Just as your coffee is done brewing, there is a knock on your door. Your doughnuts have arrived.

This is now possible thanks to the new delivery service from Krispy Kreme, which is now delivering from six Kentucky locations, including its Richmond Road spot.

Are you an original glazed kind of person, or do you like an assortment? Either can be quickly purchased on the doughnut shop’s website at Coffee brew boxes and bottled beverages are available for delivery as well.

Krispy Kreme will then deliver the doughnuts to your doorstep with a $4.99 delivery fee. There is also an option on the website to add a tip. The delivery order must cost at least $7.99, but conveniently a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s original glazed doughnuts cost $8.89.

Customers can schedule their order ahead of time, so the doughnuts can arrive soon after your alarm goes off, or they can order them for as soon as possible.

The doughnut chain is also delivering from four locations in Louisville as well as in Bowling Green. Krispy Kreme delivers within five miles of the participating shops.