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You can now go on a virtual date with KFC’s Colonel Sanders, and no we’re not joking


KFC is always trying to find new ways to promote its brand, but its newest venture may just take the cake — er, chicken.

The Kentucky-based fried chicken restaurant announced Tuesday it is releasing an anime-style dating simulator game. Finally, a chance to date Colonel Sanders!

In the game, appropriately called “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator,’ users will control a culinary student who tries to win over the Colonel.

“Throughout your journey, you’ll be faced with life-changing decisions that will affect your chances of friendship and love,” the game listing reads. “But be careful! Your choices have real consequences with real animated characters’ feelings at stake”

The computer game will be released free on Steam for PC and Mac users Sept. 24.

There will be nine characters in the game, multiple hours of gameplay, a secret ending and of course, 11 herbs and spices.

A video preview of the game shows a slim and suave looking Colonel, his rivals, best friend and even Professor Dog.

“Do you have what it takes to survive culinary school?” the game listing asks. “Will Colonel Sanders choose you to be his business partner? Or maybe even so much more? Find out in the most finger lickin’ good dating simulator ever created — a game that KFC actually made.”