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Chili on pizza? Lexington Pizza Week offering plenty of unique, affordable options

Perhaps no food item is more synonymous with the fall than chili, and now you can get it on a $6 pizza for a limited time.

LaRosa’s is teaming up with Skyline Chili for one of the most unusual entries on this year’s Lexington Pizza Week menu, and their creation is one of more than 50 pizzas offered until Nov. 11 at participating restaurants.

Available at LaRosa’s on Richmond Road, Skyline’s secret-recipe chili will be piled with shredded cheese on top of a LaRosa’s crust. You can even add mustard and onions to it to provide the ultimate chili-pizza concoction.

Their pizza — and all featured pizzas — are available for $6 throughout the week. Each restaurant also offers a vegetarian option.

“People love pizza. Almost a food group on its own, it’s an all-ages food,” said Theresa Stanley, director of Lexington Pizza Week. “Additionally, it is a cuisine easily accommodating to various food lifestyle preferences. Every pizza on the Passport has a name. It’s a fun element of Lexington Pizza Week typically driven by local culture.”

If fans eat a lot of pizza, they can get passports to keep track and earn prizes. The passports are available at Smiley Pete Publishing and at each of the nearly 30 participating locations, including Euclid Avenue’s Bear & The Butcher. The restaurant is offering Chuck Norris Action, a flatbread pizza topped with house-smoked chicken, pickled beats, red onion, basil creme fraiche, arugula and feta. Its vegetarian flatbread option, called With a Tofu Grip, has smoked tofu, sesame barbecue, pickled carrots, feta and arugula.

Bear & The Butcher 1.JPG
The Bear & The Butcher’s pizzas

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You can find beer cheese pizzas at Brick Oven Pizzeria, a strawberry and arugula salad on a vegetarian option at Goodfellas Pizzeria and perhaps the spiciest choice of them all at Pie Five, where the Volcano has toppings that promise a kick.

You’re encouraged to show off your pizzas on social media with #LexingtonPizzaWeek and there is also a Lexington Pizza Week app available to download.

2019 Lexington Pizza Week Menu

The Big City Pizza Company, 1060 Chinoe Road:

Meat: Tipsy Chicken with Bourbon. Small pizza with locally made beer cheese base, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese and bacon crumbles topped with a bourbon glaze.

Vegetarian - 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese. Small pizza with creamy cheddar macaroni shell base topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

The Bear and the Butcher, 815 Euclid Avenue:

Meat - Chuck Norris Action. House smoked chicken, pickled beets, red onion, basil creme fraiche topped with arugula & feta served on a flatbread-style pizza.

Veg - With a Tofu Grip. Smoked tofu, sesame BBQ, pickled carrots, with feta and arugula on a flatbread-style pizza.

Blaze Pizza, 2305 Sir Barton Way:

Meat - The Flat Earther. Features ham, salami, pepperoni topped with mozzarella and spinach on a garlic pesto sauce.

Veg - Features roasted seasonal squash, green pepper, tomatoes, chopped garlic, black olives and banana peppers with mozzarella on a white sauce based pizza.

Blaze Pizza, 4049 Finn Way #110:

Meat - Chicken Bacon Caesar. Features chicken, bacon tomatoes, spinach, roasted garlic and mozzarella on a white sauce base topped with fresh grated and shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing drizzle.

Veg - Veggie Taco Pizza. Features vegan chorizo, green peppers, red onions, jalapeños and tomatoes on a white sauce base topped with mozzarella and buffalo sauce drizzle.

Brick Oven Pizzeria, 4371 Old Harrodsburg Road:

Meat - Beer Cheese Man. Small pizza with homemade Peroni beer cheese base pizza topped with pepperoni, homemade Italian sausage, ham and feta cheese.

Veg - Beer Cheese Medley. Small pizza with homemade Peroni beer cheese topped with broccoli, cauliflower, black olives and cheddar cheese.

Bella Forno, 2573 Richmond Road:

Meat - Creamy Ragout. Features pork ragout and taleggio cheese on traditional Bella Forno crust.

Veg - Mushroom Supreme. Features truffle porcini puree, mushrooms, goat cheese and oregano on traditional Bella Forno crust.

Bella Forno 2.JPG
Bella Forno’s pizzas

Goodfellas, 110 N. Mill Street:

Meat - Louie Cha Cha. Salty pepperoni, spicy Srira”cha”, creamy ricotta and sweet pineapple, finished with basil.

Veg - Strawberry Mafia. Oil-based pizza, mozzarella, strawberry and arugula salad, shaved almonds, lemon juice and balsamic reduction.

Grimaldi’s, 118 Marion Suite 110:

Meat - Little Italy. Small pizza featuring traditional sauce base topped with spicy chicken sausage, red peppers, ricotta cheese.

Veg - Central Park. Small pizza featuring white sauce topped with red onion, artichoke hearts and fresh basil.

LaRosa’s, 2890 Richmond Road:

Meat - Skyline at LaRosa’s. Skyline Chili’s original secret-recipe chili, topped with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese baked on a LaRosa’s traditional crust. Make it all the way, as for mustard and onions.

Meat - Buddy Deluxe. LaRosa’s family recipe sauce and provolone, pepperoni, sausage, spicy sausage, banana peppers, capicola ham on LaRosa’s traditional crust.

Veg - Focaccia Florentine. Focaccia sauce, 4-cheese blend, mushrooms, spinach, Roma tomatoes, green olives on LaRosa’s traditional crust.

Mad Mushroom, 561 S. Broadway:

Meat - The Neo Neapolitan. Small pizza featuring roasted garlic ricotta base, sun-dried tomatoes, cup and char pepperoni, mozzarella, pesto and basil.

Veg - The VEGjita. Small pizza featuring black bean base, fajita style seasoning, fresh lime juice, red onion, bell peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar finished with cilantro.

Mancino’s, 1590 Leestown Road:

Meat - The Little Italy. Small pizza featuring Italian dressing base with ham, sausage, salami, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and basil.

Veg - Mozza-RitzaPizzaPi. Small pizza featuring homemade marinara sauce topped with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese slices and a sprinkle of basil.

Mellow Mushroom, 503 S. Upper Street:

Meat - Mel Corleone Pizza. Small pizza with red sauce base topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, crushed red pepper, fresh basil and shaved Parmesan.

Veg - 420 Pizza. Small pizza with pineapple, tomatoes, crushed red pepper, fresh basil and balsamic glaze.

MOD Pizza, 2217 War Admiral Way:

Meat - Mad Dog. Red sauce base topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage, and ground beef.

Veg - Dillon James. Red sauce base topped with mozzarella, Asiago, fresh chopped basil, garlic, and sliced tomatoes.

MOD Pizza, 4101 Tates Creek Centre Drive:

Meat - Calexico. Pizza topped with mozzarella, Gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, hot buffalo sauce, and red sauce.

Veg - Dillon James. Pizza topped with mozzarella, Asiago, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and pesto.

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, 1924 Pavillion Way:

Meat - Chicago Fire. Small pizza featuring spicy mix of pepperoni, salami, sweet Italian sausage, red peppers, red onions and pepperoncini.

Veg - Tuscan Spinach. Small pizza featuring lemon garlic sauce base, sun-dried tomatoes, bruschetta tomatoes, roasted garlic, topped with fresh spinach tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.

Pazzo’s Pizza Pub, 385 S. Limestone:

Meat - Big BBQ. Small pizza featuring BBQ sauce base topped with mozzarella cheese, fried chicken, red onion, cilantro and drizzled with ranch.

Veg - 5 Cheese. Small pizza featuring marinara sauce base with mozzarella, provolone, cheddar and feta cheeses topped with grated Parmesan.

Pearl’s, 133 N. Limestone:

Meat - Hallbabe. Small pizza featuring tomato sauce base, low mozz, fresh mozz, salame picante, red onion, pepperoncini, parm & hot honey.

Veg - Old No. 1. Small pizza featuring tomato sauce base topped with low mozz, fresh mozz, parm, CA olive oil and basil.

Pearl’s pizza options

Pie Five, 867 S. Broadway and Fayette Mall:

Meat - The Volcano. Features spicy marinara, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, spicy chicken sausage, Italian sausage, jalapenos, banana peppers, buffalo drizzle, red pepper flakes, topped with special Magic dust.

Veg - Little Italy. Features olive oil, minced garlic, mozzarella cheese, sliced Roma tomatoes, basil and balsamic drizzle topped with special Magic dust.

Pie’s & Pints Pizzeria, 401 W. Main Street:

Meat - BLT Pie. Slice featuring bacon, spinach, roma tomatoes and garlic, and aioli.

Veg - Street Corn Pie. Slice featuring corn, jalapenos, tajin, cilantro, scallions, lime, grated Parmesan, and chipotle crema.

Rolling Oven, 725 National Avenue:

Meat - Chicken & Gouda. Slice featuring creamy gouda sauce with bourbon-brined chicken breast, finished with Brussels sprouts and hot honey.

Veg - Potato Habanero. Slice featuring fresh habanero peppers, thinly sliced red potatoes, garlic cream cheese sauce and red onions finished with cilantro.

Rolling Oven, 140 Court Street, Versailles:

Meat - ABC. Slice featuring apples, brie, and chorizo topped with roasted red bell peppers, and honey.

Veg - XYZ. Slice featuring Xalapa punch glaze over yams and zucchini with gruyere cheese and pumpkin seeds.

Schlotzsky’s, 117 W. Tiverton Way:

Meat - The Original. Garlic signature sauce, whole mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, red onion rings, chopped black olives, julienned smoked ham, Genoa & Cotto salami spread on scratch baked sourdough sesame seed crust finished with shredded Parmesan cheese.

Veg - The Donnvin. Scratch-baked sourdough crust is topped with house sun-dried tomato pesto blended sauce, whole mozzarella cheese, olive oil, herb and roasted tomatoes finished with ranch dressing, a pinch of sea salt and fresh basil ribbons.

Shakespeare And Co., 367 W. Short Street:

Meat - Bart’s Pizza. Pizza featuring chicken, bacon, banana peppers and mozzarella on a tomato sauce base.

Veg - Doqa Pizza. Pizza featuring Doqa sauce (garlic, cilantro, chili powder, brown sugar, olive oil and lemon juice), topped with pico de gallo, cauliflower and Tahini sauce.

Sir Pizza, 1076 S. Broadway:

Meat - The Royal Spicy Pepperoni Feast. Pizza featuring signature sauce, roasted red peppers, spicy pepato pepperoni, provolone and mozzarella.

Veg - The Royal Veggie. Pizza featuring signature sauce, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, green and black olives, provolone and mozzarella.

Smashing Tomato, 2200 War Admiral Way and Fayette Mall:

Meat - Supreme Meat Lovers. Pizza featuring pork sausage, hand-cut pepperoni, spicy arrabiata sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and red onion on a pecorino crust.

Veg - Spinach Artichoke. Pizza featuring spinach and artichokes with fior di latte, and mozzarella cream on a garlic brushed crust.

Sutton’s, 110 N. Locust Hill Drive:

Meat - The Spicy Purple Pig. Flatbread pizza featuring blueberry habanero sauce base with smoked pork butt, picked red onion and jalapeno coleslaw.

Veg - Pizza Ensalada. Flatbread pizza featuring ranch sauce base with spinach, diced tomatoes, green onions and mozzarella.

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