Adam Carolla visits Ky. podcasting, bartering for food and shelter with bourbon

With the nature of Adam Carolla’s work, he admits he spends plenty of time traveling to multiple locations in the U.S., but far less time taking in the sites and cultures of the places he’s traveling to.

“Every time I’ve been to a state, I’ve probably been there for less than 24 hours on my schedule,” said Carolla, who lives in Los Angeles. “Everything for me is just sort of in and out.”

That is definitely something that changed this week when the stand-up comedian, podcast host and TV personality came to Kentucky. One of the reasons Carolla came to the Bluegrass State is to do something he does every day: Record an episode of the highly popular “The Adam Carolla Show.” He will be doing that live podcast recording at Comedy Off Broadway on Friday, Sept. 20.

The other reason Carolla is coming to Kentucky is for something he’s never done before.

Carolla, the ‘Bourbon Barter’

Carolla has been tapped to serve as host for a new original series “Bourbon Barter” on the Spirits Network, a new online shopping and entertainment streaming network. On the show Carolla will have three days and limited amount of Bulleit bourbon (the brand’s rye whiskey is his spirit of choice) to barter for everything from food and shelter to other items and activities on the 180 mile Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

You can use the hashtag #BourbonBarter to make him an offer before he ends at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville, where he will be greeted by friends, celebrity guests, notable author and bourbon expert Fred Minnick and take in a concert from ZZ Top.

Adam Carolla.jpg
Lexington’s Comedy Off Broadway will be the set for an episode of Adam Carolla’s “The Adam Carolla Show. While in Kentucky, the former co-host of MTV’s “Loveline” will also working on a new series, “Bourbon Barter” for the Spirits Network. Amanda Sanchez

Even though was pleasantly surprised when asked to partake in this spirited experiment (“I’m sure they wanted Jon Hamm but he was probably too expensive,” he said), he is looking forward to an extended change of scenery.

“California is getting pretty nutty,” he said. “L.A. is just getting worse by the minute so just getting out with some regular folk and seeing a horse and a barn and a cow or something is good for me.”

Podcast pioneer

Whether he was co-hosting MTV’s “Loveline” with Dr. Drew, getting into testosterone-fueled shenanigans with Jimmy Kimmel on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show,” Carolla’s comedic conversations and wisecracks have always had a sort of every-man appeal. He continued that trademark brand of humor with his comedic offerings and commentary on “The Adam Carolla Show” as one of the first mainstream comedians to embrace the podcast format back in 2009.

Now that the market is saturated with podcasts, comedic and otherwise, Carolla feels grateful for the format taking off but even more obligation to produce an even higher quality show for his audience.

“The first thing you do is just get up every day and just put together the best podcast you can put together. You know, don’t mail it in,” he said. “I’d like to produce it and make it ‘The Adam Carolla Show’ versus ‘The Adam Carolla Podcast.’ Just treat it like it’s a job, because that’s what it is.”

Even though he’s not getting paid to do so, one of the jobs Carolla has taken on his podcast and elsewhere is as a straight-shooter when it comes to political issues that occasionally goes against the grain of his left-leaning L.A. counterparts. He didn’t graduate college, and was turned down for a job at Taco Bell (which inspired the title of his latest stand-up special “Not Taco Bell Material”) and has done his fair share of “eating lunch on a pile of drywall with a bunch of poor guys” working construction. He thinks an honest take on overly politically correct comedy world and culture in general is much needed.

“I say it all the time and I just say whatever the truth is.,” he said. “I feel like it’s that’s my job. I’m not trying to figure out what people want to hear. I’m just doing my job. Giving people the truth as I know it.”

In between podcasting, recording TV shows, and occasionally writing books and directing documentaries, Carolla makes it a point to go to L.A. comedy clubs a few times a week as part of his new year’s resolution to go out at night and do more gigs. He said even though he will be coming to Comedy Off Broadway to record his podcast this Friday, it will have more of a stand-up feel than what he does in his studio back in Los Angeles.

“When we do live podcasts, they tend to skew a little more toward comedy and a little less toward pontificating,” he said. “Going up on stage is a little more of an event. (I) usually burn some more calories, but that’s fine.”

The Adam Carolla Show Live Podcast

When: 4:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 20

Where: Comedy Off Broadway, 161 Lexington Green Circle

Tickets: $50 VIP Meet & Greet (SOLD OUT), $35 reserved seating

Info: 859-271-5653;